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Meet VIVA GLAM Crush Sophia Pierson!

Glamorous Sophia Pierson is more than just a pretty face!

You might already know Sophia Pierson and her sister Olivia from the show “WAGS“. In addition to being a television personality, did you know that Sophia’s also a model, actress and social media influencer with thousands of fans who follow her every move?

Originally from Canada, she’s blonde, blue-eyed, and has a figure to die for! But she’s more than just drop-dead gorgeous! She also has a website devoted to her beauty secrets on skincare and how to achieve her flawless look. She even has awesome tutorials and DIY videos that her fans can’t get enough of! And in her fashion section, she let’s us know all about her newest looks, favorite designers and how to achieve her legendary looks even on a budget.

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photo credit: Joel Halcro (@joelhalcro)

She’s also into health and fitness and loves to talk about her workout routines that help her maintain her fabulous shape. She stresses the importance of overall wellness including how to rejuvenate your mind and spirit. She believes that meditation is vital to your mental health. Sophia takes this seriously and knows the importance of making time for yourself. She says that even if you take time for a bubble bath, it is time that should be valued as you de-stress, unwind, and let go of anxieties that you have felt during the course of your day.

In fact, she attributes meditation to saving her life and the biggest gift it has given her is peace of mind. This is indeed one of the greatest gifts anyone could be given and she would like to offer it to you through her words of wisdom.

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photo credit: Joel Halcro (@joelhalcro)

Sophia said that she doesn’t want to preach to people, but she is definitely leading by example. She said she is genuinely happy where she is in life right now and that is a place where many of us want to go!

So this is why we love Sophia Pierson so much. She has already learned some of the key things to enjoying life and wants to share these secrets with others. So, let’s see what this talented beauty has to say!

Sophia Pierson


Nick Name:
Soph, Phia, Pheepers, Pheeps


What feature do you get most complimented on?:
My eyes


How did you start believing in your own work and talent?:
As soon as I believed in myself as a person and loved myself, it all shined through the work.


What is your worst habit?:
Falling into negative thinking (its a trap!).


What do you feel sexiest in?:
Doing photo shoots on the beach with a tan and a bikini.


Which superpower would you like to have?:
Time travel


Which living person do you most admire?:
My mom


What is one thing you do when you’re feeling stuck creatively?:
Meditate so that I can reset my brain. Or exercise, which also helps reset and give me a mental boost.

What is the most meaningful project you have done?
Teaming up with mental health initiatives and sharing my personal struggles, spreading awareness and receiving such inspiring/encouraging responses of people with similar struggles


What would your dream project be?:
Working with Victoria’s Secret, a lead role in an Oscar winning film, or motivational speaking about confidence.


Which words or phrases do you text the most?:
Hip, Rock on, cluck yeah, trendy, shit hun, lol


What was your last google search?:
flights to Europe


What was your senior yearbook quote?:
“We were put on this earth for a reason, and it’s up to us to figure out why. Let the journey begin. K peace!”


What song do you listen to that psyches you up and makes you feel strong?:
Beyonce’s “Love on Top”


What or who is the greatest love of your life?:
Myself…self-love. It’s unbelievable the things mankind is capable of achieving if you just simply believe in yourself and love yourself


What’s one dream you’ve achieved that you’re most proud of and why?:
This may not be a dream but I am still proud of it.. My girlfriend Nicole and I presented an award at the Hollywood Beauty Awards for best photographer. Johnny Depp was Heidi Klum were there watching us, it felt like we were at the Oscars. It was such a rush!


What is the quality you find most attractive in a man?:
Respect and humor


Who is your current celebrity crush?:
Ryan Gosling duh


Where would you most like to live?:
New York


If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your teenage self?:
Give yourself more credit, you’re a lot smarter than you realize.




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