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Meet the lounge dresses by Sleeper: your cozy soulmate for the warm sunny days.

Even though the pandemic situation of Covid-19 over the past two years was trying to make us spend more time indoors, which meant for all of us either to wear all the beautiful dresses at home or not to wear them at all, appetite for pretty clothes definitely hasn’t settled down. As we all had known for sure: when the time comes, the wardrobe should be filled enough with silk and linen dresses to have to choose from. Despite the fact of having the collection of fashion weapons, one and only thing that changed about it is the perception of every piece of cloth we wear.   

As soon as hot summer days enter the city, girls are putting away loungewear and loose-fitting clothes in favor of light throw-on dresses. Easy and fast to get dressed, chic and beautiful to look, relaxed and comfortable to feel – whether you are at home, hanging out at a loud party with friends, or running after your dog in the park. That’s how we present the brand of choice – Sleeper. Lounge dress by Sleeper is a guarantee of natural convenience and style as the label was founded as a pajama brand in the first place. What can be cozier than stylish loungewear dresses? The answer does not exist. 

Dresses by Sleeper: the multifariousness of choice. embarrassment of riches 

You know the feeling when you enter the shop of your favorite brand, eyes start to play hide and seek and you simply don’t know where to look, not because the choice is poor. On the contrary, there is much of a choice. We bet you will not feel the same when your first encounter with the Sleeper takes place. Or maybe it already did! 

The variety of the dresses produced by Sleeper is indeed breathtaking. The product speaks for itself, it differs by the model, color, print, material, length, and even mood. The story began with a traditional white nightdress. Like the cherry on the top of the cake, bold colors and prints were added and as a result, combined various versions of the dress. The most popular among women are Atlanta dresses with beautiful puffy short sleeves and a variety of prints and colours. True fans of the brand claim that these gowns are the perfect throw-on dresses for days you plan to spend working at home or casual picnic in the park. Maybe next occasion will make your linen dress by Sleeper that one special, or probably the silk Sleeper dress will make the occasion memorable. You decide but without doubt, these dresses are ideal for those days when you can’t waste any time deciding and combining what to wear. 

Choose your linen dress and be sure: each combination worn on will look like a fit from the most magnificent Disney fairytale from childhood. Who knows? Maybe you are the next princess of the woods or the city.  

Style notes about lounge dresses: 

  1. You can push the sleeves down for a more off-the-shoulder however comfortable you feel. 
  2. You will never go wrong with gingham print. 
  3. Gingham dress and basket bag are best friends and never go separate ways. 
  4. One lounge dress by Sleeper is never enough. 

Loungewear dresses by Sleeper is the dress you can put on after waking up, run out the door, and still look fabulous. 

The high standard of the Sleeper dresses is not a myth. Classic, linen, or silk dress has all the qualities you could ever want to have in one dress. You can buy one or two or even three off-the-shoulder and thrown-on dresses at any place, but it’s better to invest in one from the Sleeper that will replace others. Chic, comfortable (even in the worst heat!), and versatile: three in one, and you never go wrong.  

All of the fabrics Sleeper uses are 100 percent natural: both silk and linen. That is the special point about comfortable brand dresses. They are great for you and the environment. As production of natural fabrics has a positive impact on the planet’s sources and as a result on your life. As well as being environmentally sustainable it is beneficial for sensitive skin plus in case you have any kind of allergies, the natural fabric won’t provoke them. Moreover, your body can move and breathe freely, your steps won’t be limited and yes, maybe the dress will get wrinkled after seating on a bench, but even that is chic. Isn’t it?

Sleeper brand managed to solve these common problems that were annoying when wearing the dress from natural fabric all day. Try to test the linen dress on different occasions and you’ll see that some kind of magic happens when wearing it. 

One of the common problems with these types of tops and dresses is their inability to stay on when moving fast or walking. But Sleeper really thought through their design and this issue doesn’t irritate when wearing the dress. The solution is – the dress includes a soft rubber band that doesn’t dig into the skin but still manages to remain on top. 

One size fit is not a concern anymore either. Steps ahead and the brand managed to design dresses way that all of them are suitable and comfortable fits for those who are between a size XS-XL and all body shapes included. Meet the entire collection:

Attention to details: unbelievably beautiful front buttons (different for every model), handcrafted pieces, thought-through niceties. 

Just some care tips for you to follow: 

  • Dry clean or machine 
  • Wash cold  
  • Delicate cycle 
  • Use a detergent for delicate fabrics 
  • Do not bleach  
  • Do not tumble dry  
  • Warm iron 

In conclusion, we should say that the loungewear dress by Sleeper is right and perfect for anyone wearing and loving it at any place and any time. It is just right for both resting in, walking near the ocean, and entertaining guests at home. Add your favorite belt, bag, and pair of shoes, and let the magic begin. 

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