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Meet Our Beautiful Cover Model ASHLEY DIANA MORRIS

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Have you experienced rejection from the modeling industry yet or have you received any negative feedback?

I have been very lucky in this regard.
Everyone from agents to photographers has had mostly positive feedback for me.
I don’t have any bad experiences and I hope it stays that way. I love to have fun in front of the camera and photographers have really seemed to enjoy my energy when the camera starts flashing. Being new to the industry, I have tried to learn from any “constructive criticism” without having hurt feelings. Every photographer seems to have their own way of trying to get that perfect shot and it has been a fun ride working with many different personalities and teams. As for rejection, I knew from acting that every casting is going for a specific look and for every job you get, there are likely five that you won’t.

You had a regular job before getting discovered in Vancouver. Was it hard for you to leave it?

I had a wonderful boss who became a good friend so it was hard to leave the amazing girls I worked with! I will be completely honest though… my career now is hard work but crazy fun!
I am loving all the opportunities coming my way and the traveling I am doing.

Do you miss it?

I am now getting to play dress up for my job so I haven’t been missing my office day job!
I am soaking up all the opportunities I am getting and am really happy and grateful for my current career as it evolves.

Has this career change affected your relationship with your fiance?

He is just amazing.
One of the many reasons that I am marrying Geoff.
He has been completely supportive and is overall extremely excited for me.
He makes me feel beautiful every day and always has my back.
We make a great team. He is the kind of guy that makes me want to do nice things to brighten up his day the way that he continually brightens up mine.

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