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Mayor Chiara Appendino Hopes to Turn Turin, Italy into First Vegan City

Turin’s new mayor, Chiara Appendino, has some progressive plans for her new city. Included in her council’s five-year political program were plans to reduce the consumption of animal products by the citizens of Turin.

Appendino is a 20-year vegetarian but her hope isn’t to push her values on Turin’s citizens. She said to The Local, “In reality, this program isn’t something I instigated – it’s just an extension of schemes which have been in place for years.”

Elsewhere in Italy, there have been a few high-profile cases where parents have been criticized for raising their kids on a vegan diet. Toddlers were being hospitalized for malnourishment. But due to Turin’s well-documented pollution problems, the inhabitants already being green-minded, and many of them making a living as
organic farmers, it seems like a logical and beneficial direction for the city.

Appendino mentioned that she has nothing but respect for Italy’s food heritage and has nothing against the meat industry. And while many renown restaurants in the area use plenty of animal products, many meat products are naturally leaving local menus and many vegetarian and vegan restaurants have opened in Turin in the recent years.

What do you think of this plan? Do you think it will happen? Should other cities go vegan to help
the environment?



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