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Maximalist Fashion Ideas That Will Have You Stealing The Show

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Like its name, maximalist fashion is defined by big, spacy, and comfy clothing. It is not limited just to this but also to vivid color combinations, layers, bold prints, and mismatched pieces.

Maximalist fashion gained popularity in the 1960s with its big and funky pieces. The aesthetics and detailing were appreciable. For now, when everything is going well, exposed, colorful, and bold maximalist fashion has regained its value. It is doing wonders in the fashion world.

Maximalist fashion is indeed the opposite of minimalist fashion. Here, you have to say, “less is not more” and “more is more”. When we talk about maximalist fashion, we should remember that not everyone is going to admire or follow this trend. There are people with different tastes in fashion and we should always respect that.

Here in this post, we have collected some our favorite maximalist fashion looks for your inspiration.

Maximalist Fashion Ideas That Will Have You Stealing The Show 1
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Photo By @_mmaxinewylde/Instagram

The first piece we are featuring is this bold pair of heels complete with matching outfit. The heels indeed represent maximalist fashion. The one rule is that bold and brighter are the best for maximalist looks.

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