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Mascara 101: Best Cruelty-Free Mascaras for Length, Volume, and Color

2020 is a great time for cruelty free beauty. More and more cruelty free brands over the past few years have emerged that provide amazing quality without testing on animals. In the past cruelty free beauty has always been considered less. Less results, lesser quality and less reliable. Well, no more! We’re all for going completely cruelty free at VIVA GLAM, and we’re always here to guide you through the transition. Today it’s all about the mascara…

Let’s not harp on the importance of mascara. We all know we need it, it’s probably one of the core makeup products that everyone uses at one point or another. As with most beauty products, when it comes to going cruelty free you want to make the transition as easy as possible. It’s all about finding the perfect replacements for your previous holy grails, and it’s all about feeling like nothing changed at all- which is very possible! We’ve rounded up your top cruelty free mascaras go-to’s for every need!

For The Length-Lovers

While some are fortunate with amazing genes and super long, luscious lashes, some of us seriously struggle. Length and volume are essentially what it all comes down when looking for the perfect mascara. If you’re all about the length and want your lashes to practically reach your brows then we have you covered.

Our pick for length isn’t only the best cruelty free mascara, it’s the best mascara for the length on the market as far as we’re concerned! It Cosmetics is infamous for releasing products that actually work with real, honest results featured in their ad campaigns. Well, the results are there with their Superhero Mascara.

The “elastic stretch volumizing mascara” certainly does a lot for volume, but it’s really a game changer when it comes to length. As the name would suggest, this beauty seriously stretches each individual lash out to lengths you’ve never seen before! It doesn’t hurt that this also contains conditioning ingredients to help your lashes grow overtime!

For The Va-Va-Voom Volume Crew

The name of this mascara alone has garnered a lot of talk, but what it’s mostly spoken about is it’s amazing effect. The Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced is arguably better than sex… This beautifully packaged thick chunky mascara gives you 100% times more volume.

It is actually hard to believe the results. Your lashes are going to multiply, just get ready! It comes with a thick brush bristle brush that has a kind of hourglass shape. The curve allows it to give extra volume to the inner and outer edges of your lashes while lightly brushing the center. This gives a kind of amplified effect!

We just can’t get enough of this one. It also comes in a waterproof formula now- but we find that even the original is completely smudge-proof and doesn’t budge all day! This collagen-fueled formula is everything and more, and we’re obsessed with how voluminous and luscious it leaves our lashes looking every single time!

For The Blackest Black Bunch

Volume and length may be super popular selling points when it comes to mascara, but what about the color? Some of us are just out here looking for the blackest of black mascaras that’s going to make our lashes pop and stand out! There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect mascara formula only to notice it has a grey/brown tinge to it that is blatant in front of your jet black eyeliner- it’s a mess. Well, we’ve found the blackest of black mascaras out there and it just so happens to be cruelty free!

Tarte are known for their amazing mascara formulas, but they really did it with the Tarteist Lash Paint mascara. It is actually unreal. This has got to be hands down the blackest black on the market! The jet black, volumizing and lengthening mascara is going to leave your lashes as the center of any look. Not only does it give you the blackest lashes out there- but it’s also super lengthening and volumizing! It’s honestly a miracle worker.


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