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Mark’s Place in Moorea

French Polynesian Islands

When my husband and I went on our honeymoon traveling through the French Polynesian Islands, we stumbled upon a gem! Like most newlyweds we stayed at a resort on all the islands but luckily my husband is an avid surfer and that is what brought us to Mark’s Place in Moorea.


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My husband is always in search of the perfect wave so we started asking around at the resort. Luckily the first person we ran into was the water activity director, known as Ofai ( The Stone). He gave us the island scoop along with many stories on how he used to drive all the now pro surfers around the island when they were just kids.

His excitement and enthusiasm was that of a child, even though he was 50 plus years of age. I noticed the people that migrate there from other countries have such an appreciation for the island. It oozes out of their every word. Either talking about the scenery or telling you what you must do while you’re there. They all have one thing in common and that is they are all happy. Big smiles and beautiful tans. They all seem to be living their dream and Mark’s place is a perfect example.


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The island has one road so if you follow it west from the airport , just past a big red and white church you will find a sign that says Mark’s place. You drive down a little road filled with local Tahitain kids on their bikes and a bridge that we later found out, Mark built.

We came to this property filled with colorful bungalows and handmade signs directing you to the registration. It looked like something straight out of a movie. Every single detail was unique and hand made by Mark himself. He greeted us with a big smile and after ten minutes of talking about how Moorea is paradise, we were off on his kayak to go catch some waves. We felt as if we had come home to family. We felt so comfortable that we left our rental keys with him because we had nowhere else to put them. There was a sense of intimacy that you do not get at the resorts. Mark guided us to the water about 200 meters from his place. We paddeled out to the surf spotcalled Hapati and tied up to the buye. The water was aqua blue and dolphins swam near by. This surf spot is said to have perfect waves all year round!

When we got back Mark greeted us with cold water and the best papaya we have ever had. He was so excited to share all his stories of when he moved to Tahiti form the states in the 80’s and started building these amazing bungalows, not to mention his personal tree house that looks like something out of a fairy tale. His craftsmanship is incredible. The best I have seen. From the wine bottle honeymoon suite that glows from the sun shining through the glass to the outside kitchenette and dining area rimmed with local seashell drapes. Every detail exudes his passion for the island and his pleasure in sharing his paradise with you.


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Mark’s place is perfect for honeymooners , families or groups. He has everything you need from water rentals to car/skooter rentals. He is a legend on the island and we are so grateful to have met him. We can not wait to go back!




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