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Margaret Heldt, the Hairdresser who Created the Beehive, Dies at 98

“Get my hair as high as you can!” was what all the girls said to their
hairdressers and mothers who styled their hair. This popular 60s hairdo, known as the beehive, became an iconic look associated with beauty icons of the decade, including Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, after its original debut on a magazine cover in 1960. The creator of this iconic hairstyle, Margaret Vinci Heldt, has just passed due to heart failure at the age of 98. According to her daughter Carlene Ziegler, “She was the life of the party right up to her last days,” she told to Reuters.

Back in 1960, Heldt ran a salon in Chicago, and before then attended the Columbia College of Hairdressing.
The mannequin Heldt used to make her signature hairstyle can be seen at the Chicago History Museum.

Public figures continued to wear this hairdo though the 60s up to modern day as a nod to its feminine appeal. Stars such as Beyonce, Jean Shrimpton, Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, and Jennifer Lopez have worn this look on stage and on red carpets.



Brigitte_Bardot_-_1962-viva glam magazine beauty

Brigitte Bardot


WinehouseLA-viva glam magazine beauty

Amy Winehouse


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