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Marfa, Texas is a Surprisingly Artsy Celeb Fave

The small, Texas town of Marfa is full of surprises!

I first heard of Marfa, Texas while watching the epic film, “Giant”. For this movie, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean shot on location in Marfa. Later, I read a biography by actress Carroll Baker and she wrote in detail about her experiences in this tiny, dusty town while shooting this classic film.

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Coming from Texas, Marfa fascinated me. It’s a small town in the Chihuahua desert that is literally in the middle of nowhere. Yet even today, it has found fame and notoriety. Surprisingly, now most people know this tiny town as a mecca for art.

While many think of Art Basel in Miami or Documenta in Germany when it comes to the art world, a lot of people are also including Marfa as a popular art destination. Many celebrities such as Beyonce, Natalie Portman, Robert Pattinson, and Jake Gyllenhaal consider it a favorite spot to visit!

The local residents have mixed feelings about the hoopla associated with Marfa. Some would rather do without it, but Kaki Aufdengarten-Scott of the Marfa Chamber of Commerce said that the art tourism is what keeps Marfa going. She said that without it, “This town would have dried up and blown away.”

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It all started with New York artist, Donald Judd, in the 1970s, when he wanted to escape the art scene. Now, it is considered an art mecca in the most unlikely of places. On any given day, you can enjoy gallery shows, readings, screenings, restaurants, and food carts. And all of this is within a small community of approximately 2,000 people!

Many have said that when you visit Marfa, you instantly feel the desire to create something. Being in this community has inspired many to make art in different forms. So if you are looking for inspiration and creativity, plan a trip out West to Marfa, TX!



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