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Manika on Her Love for Beauty, Music, Fashion, and Animals

In a world full of so much hate and superficiality, it’s about time a singer delivered a strong self-love anthem. For those days when you’re not feeling like the 10 you are, pop singer Manika has you covered.

Despite only being 22 years old, Manika is also the host of TLC’s Global Beauty Masters, has her own radio show called
Manika’s Love Line, and has a devoted fan following for her music. (You may have caught her opening for One Direction back in 2012 or performing at Wango Tango.)

This woman is full of so much love that we arranged an interview around her love for her many passions: music, animals, beauty, and more. Manika shares with us how the video for “How Can I Love” came to be, what she’s learned from
Global Beauty Masters, and what we can do to advocate for animals today.




What was the inspiration for “How Can I Love”?

So many people out there – including my fans, friends, and family – have gone through times of depression and self-consciousness. I really wanted to help capture those feelings. It’s about going through those emotions and, due to those emotions, not being able to love themselves.


What was the inspiration for the video? How did you go acquiring fan videos to incorporate into the final product?

It was crazy. I didn’t plan to make a video for the song, but my fans, and new fans, were going crazy over it! I was getting positive feedback and fans would share [their story] with me so I [decided] why not incorporate them into a music video? It’s crazy to see how the song can relate to so many different people going through the same struggles. The song really struck a chord with them and they can really relate to it.


What do you hope this song does for your fans?

So many people are going through these struggles. No one understands but when you know you’re not alone, it gives you that reassurance, and you can even talk to other people about it. I hope that it will make people feel better about themselves.


Where do you hope to take your music career in the next few years?

I want to create pop music, but not an exact type of pop music. My song before this had Tyga on it. It had more urban and rock elements. Before that it was dance pop. Now it’s a pop ballad. I want to keep doing pop music, write songs that my fans relate to, keep performing, and keep doing the TV show I’m doing.



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