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Is Your Man in it for the Long Run? Or is He Playing You?

Coach and motivational speaker, Sara Davison, says if you see your man showing these signs, it’s time to reevaluate.

Most of us have been dumped at some point in our lives by a man. Sometimes, we saw it coming and other times it’s out of the blue. Either way, the result is usually painful, shocking, and difficult to overcome.

So, how do you know ahead of time if your man is in it for the long run? Relationship expert, Sara Davison, believes there are warning signs that all women should look for when in a relationship. Some are obvious, but others might surprise you.

Making plans

A man that is really interested in you will make plans ahead of time to see you. If your dates seem very last-minute, you are probably a last consideration after his other plans have fallen through.

Contact frequency

He doesn’t contact you every day. In fact, you don’t hear from him often. Instead, he might “check in” every few days. He has a life that is complete without you.


He has no desire to meet your family or friends. In fact, he will try to avoid this, if possible. This is because meeting your family is a sign that you are in a serious relationship. Because he doesn’t regard your relationship this way, he doesn’t need to meet people who are close to you.

Doesn’t do what he says he’s going to do

He says he’ll call you later. Yet, he never calls back. He is constantly letting you down. By doing this, he is setting perimeters for your relationship. He lets you down and you accept it. He is showing you he is not there for you. If you continue to accept this behavior, he
will keep treating you this way.

Uncomfortable talk

When you want to talk about your relationship, he is eager to change the subject. It makes him uncomfortable to discuss the possibility of a future with you.


There are parts of his life that he doesn’t share with you. You are there for a segment of his life, but not his entire life.

Boys night out

He still goes out with the boys for a singles night. This is a bad sign because he is still out there looking for someone better!

Won’t give you a key

If he leaves his residence, he doesn’t want you to be there alone, and he won’t give you a key to his house. Why? Maybe he doesn’t want you there when he returns with someone else!


Surprisingly, how he makes your breakfast is a good indicator of how much he really cares about you. If he forgets simple things like the way you like your tea, it’s not good. Also, if he never takes the time to make you something to eat at all, that is even worse!

If you are with someone who is showing these signs, it’s time to find someone who will treat you like the woman that you are.

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