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Makeup Tips For Blondes

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Being naturally blonde can cause you to look washed out, pale, or even very plain. Blondes don’t have a deep hair color to frame their face, or accentuate their brows and lashes. That’s why blondes can transform their look drastically with just a few cosmetics, especially mascara. Although, there is a fine line where blondes can over do it, here are a few tips to keep in natural:

Blonde Eye Makeup

Eye makeup that flatters women with darker hair and skin can make blondes appear overly pale and washed out because it is too dark for your coloring. This doesn’t mean you have to skip out on eye makeup or the smokey eye look. You just have to pick the correct shades that compliment rather than overpower your hair color. The right shades should enhance your blonde coloring without looking harsh or artificial The best eye shades for blondes tend to be warm and metallic colored eye shadows, brown eye liners and brown based mascaras. Stay away from cool black and gray toned shadows as it will overwhelm your features and clash with your blonde hair. Rather, neutral and natural washes of color. Peach, gold, browns, taupes, bronze or even wine or plum shadows will work. It is really important to always blend your eyeshadow well and start with light shadows and add on darker. On mature skin, stay away from metallic and any thing with shimmer or sparkle, for it tends to emphasize fine lines.

Eyeliner is a helpful tool to define eyes with blonde lashes. Again, avoid black eyeliner for daytime, but it is ok for a more dramatic look at night. It can tend to look harsh on blondes during the day. Instead, use soft brown eyeliner on the eyes, which will enhance eyes and still look natural. Apply brown gel eyeliner along the top lash line. Press it into the lashes to make them look thicker. Draw a very thin line on the outside bottom lashes, but only extend it half way for the most natural effect.

Brown or Brown Black mascaras are best for blondes emphasizing lashes and adding dimension to eyes without looking too harsh or obvious. Black mascara can accompany black eyeliner on a blonde at night for a more dramatic look.

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