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Make Him Worship the Ground You Walk on in Ultra Glam Heels for Valentine’s!

You spend the entire year working on your feet and making sure your legs are silky smooth, so let’s face it, you want him to appreciate it. Your man is never going to know the hard work you’ve put into your lower body, he’s never going to have any idea what kind of beauty regimens you’ve employed or how hard you’ve worked to make sure your legs are free of the chemical burns that most hair removal products bring, but you know what?

He doesn’t have to know; with the right glam heels you’re going to make him not only appreciate you, you’re going to make him worship the very ground you walk on. This Valentine‘s day you’re in charge and he’s going to know it when you wear a pair of these cruelty-free heels.


Mani Spot Pony Print

This offering of luxurious footwear from Vegan Chic is a shining example of cruelty- free craftsmanship. There were no exploited workers or animals used in the creation of these amazing shoes. Not only are they cruelty-free, they use some of the finest fabrics that look great, are highly comfortable, and even handmade in Spain.

That’s right, they didn’t come off of an automated production like; they came from the hands of some of the most skilled crafters in Spain, and to make it even better, they feature a 4 ¬¨Œ© inch stiletto heel. These aren’t for the faint of heart or the unbalanced, but your man is going to know his place this Valentine’s day and he’s going to open every door for you.


Glam Heels Mani Spot Pony Print Boot by Beyond SkinBy



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