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Make Every Day a Holiday with Melrose Beauty Bar

Melrose Beauty Bar is a charming beauty boutique located on the heart of Melrose Ave. It’s in the perfect location, as it is surrounded by fun shopping spots where you can break away from your pampering to go shopping at. Melrose Beauty Bar offers a very calm and inviting energy as you get your hair, makeup, or nails done. Their space is open and bright with large windows that provide a perfect view of the setting sun.

The thing we find the most special about Melrose Beauty Bar, however, is how focused and gentle their staff is. They don’t rush to get the job done, providing you with the perfect service that caters to exactly what you want. They focus on cleanliness and doing the best job they can. We sat down with Olena, the founder of Melrose Beauty Bar, to discuss her process in creating the location as well as what makes Melrose Beauty Bar so special.

Olena, what led you to create Melrose Beauty Bar?

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Olena, the Founder of Melrose Beauty Bar

I’m originally from the Ukraine (Kiev). In my country, women are focused on taking care of themselves. You can’t even walk out of the house without having nice hair or nail polish on. It doesn’t matter how busy you are with work or school; you should always look good! As I was growing up, the kids who were around me (and also adults) always liked how I put myself together (how I did my nails, hair, and makeup). I always get a lot of compliments on my looks. After all, in my country, there’s no excuses for not looking good- even mothers who just gave birth try to look their very best. So, when I came to the United States of America, I noticed that way of thinking is not really popular here even though people have more opportunities to look good and take care of themselves. As I go out to see my friends, watch a movie, or even just run errands, people always ask me where I’m going. They assume I’m heading to a birthday party or holiday event or something. And then I thought to myself that every woman should feel like every day is a holiday in her life! Since looks are very important and nice cleaned and polished nails or a nice blow out can bring positivity and happiness into a woman’s life, this should be important to them. So, I decide to create Melrose Beauty Bar where every women and girl can feel special, taken care of, and loved.  

What makes Melrose Beauty Bar unique?

I wanted to bring the Eastern European culture into every woman’s beauty routine as much as I could. That’s what makes Melrose Beauty Bar so unique. The location is also unique. I found a space on a second floor of a building. New York City has a lot of Eastern European culture and vibe, and I wanted to mix that vibe/feel between NYC and LA so people feel that my place is different than every other beauty spot in Los Angeles. Also, I wanted a great view as me, myself, am all about nice sunset views. I think it’s very relaxing, especially at the end of the day when you see the sunset.

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What made you want to start the business in Los Angeles instead of in New York City?  

LA was the first city I came to when I immigrated to United States of America. I have traveled all over the world, but there’s no place like LA. NYC has a fast-pace vibe, but LA is chill, interesting, and unique. I think Melrose Beauty Bar is unique, and LA is the perfect place for it.

You offer a wide range of services. Can you tell us about them?

We offer a lot of services because I believe that Melrose Beauty Bar should be a one-stop shop where people can just wake up, come in, get everything done, and then go straight to a dinner or a holiday event. We do hair, nails, brows, lashes, make-up, waxing, and microblading. We can make anyone happy and beautiful in a short period of time. I made sure the music at the salon is relaxing, pleasant, and modern so people can feel the right vibe. We also light candles, and we always update our services to reflect the newest trends.

What is the most popular service at Melrose Beauty Bar?

The most popular services are hair and nails.  

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Can you tell us about the flower wall that you are going to put up?

Recently, I thought it would be a great idea to create a selfie room (flower wall) with our logo on it. Here girls can take selfies and/or pictures while they wait for their friends to finish up. We have plenty of friends that come in together, so why not provide them with an atmosphere where they can sit and drink champagne or tea while taking pictures and playing with the flower wall?  

You have an open and bright design at your location. Can you tell us about the design and what went into the design process? 

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The Interior of Melrose Beauty Bar

When I signed the lease, there were only one-tone walls and a bad ceiling. The space didn’t look very nice. But we have transformed the spot into what you see today. I chose light pastel colors so people can feel more relaxed. This helps with the brightness and allows there to be a pleasant energy. The bright space and the big, wide windows create a light, even, happy atmosphere in the whole salon. The workers don’t ever get tired because it feels like they are outside, so everyone stays vibrant and pleasant. We often celebrate holidays and special events with our team, and it’s very fun. I want to keep Melrose Beauty Bar growing and have it be appreciated all over Los Angeles in the beauty scene.

Is there anything else we should know about Melrose Beauty Bar?

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The Melrose Beauty Bar Team

Melrose Beauty Bar is more of a boutique place where it’s very important to treat each and every client with respect and provide them with perfect individualized service. We treat each of them with a nice glass of champagne or wine so they feel special and well taking care of. This adds to the feeling that every day is a holiday.  We do not rush them.  I am also very picky and specific with these things. The goal is to treat every client how they want to be treated and to treat my staff as they are my own family.

So, if you’re looking to get pampered and celebrate every day in your life as if it is a special holiday, then head into Melrose Beauty Bar today. We are sure that you will be impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and the excellent service provided.


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