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MAINTENANCE MODE: Focus on Wellness

So you worked hard to reach your health and fitness goals, now what? What do you do to stay there or even to keep improving on your new found lifestyle?

Well, it actually is a different for everyone. I can only speak what works for my body and give you my tips to staying on track. It has taken me years on my path to get to my health bliss, a place in my life where I feel and look good from the inside out. But I am not done yet, every time I set goals and reach them, I set new ones. I always think there is room for improvement. To me, my body is always under construction. Wherever you are in your health and fitness journey, maybe a few of my tips can help you.

1. Nutrition-My key to looking and feeling good from the inside out is real whole fresh foods. I try to eat 75-80% organic fresh raw foods. The other 20-25% I am enjoying life’s pleasures or maybe I got stuck with a bad choice. I crave green juices, salads, and fresh fruit smoothies every day because it makes me feel great. I incorporate these daily into my diet to nourish my body. I eat more raw food in the summer than the winter. I need more hot foods to warm my bones. I still keep my warm comfort foods to hot soups and casseroled made from fresh veggies.

2. Cheat Meals-I indulge in 2 cheat meals (not days!) a week unless I have a photo shoot or big event, then I won’t indulge in anything till it is over. Usually a Friday night cheat meal with friends and a Saturday night date night with my husband. Cheat meals can be very expensive in calories. I try to make them very small. I keep it around 500 calories. The old me used to binge on thousands of calories, the new me portions out the bad calories. I try to enjoy it in small portions. I never deprive myself.

3. Dessert Rules-I have rules when it comes to dessert. I am like a crack addict when it comes to sugar. Sugar is my weakness. I never order a dessert for myself. I will split it with whoever I eat with. Then I will take 2-3 small bites and eat slowly. After 3 bites, I will have server take away dessert or I will pour tons of salt on it so I won’t have anymore. Sugar causes inflammation. No one needs a full serving of a dessert. There is no nutritional value to a sugary fried, baked, or processed dessert.

4. A Salad a Day-You know that saying and apple a day? I make myself eat a salad a day. Americans don’t get in enough veggies in their diet. So, I make sure I eat a salad for lunch or dinner every day. Eating salads can get boring so I put a ton of different veggies on it each time to get a variety. I also will change up my dressing. The salads taste different with different veggies and salad dressing combinations. Variety keeps my taste buds guessing.

5. Water, Water, Water-I make sure I stay hydrated all day. I drink 2-3 cups of water first thing in the morning. I drink water before, during, and after exercise. I drink water between meals. You get the picture. Make sure to drink your H20. It has so many great health benefits. So instead of grabbing for a caffeinated drink, grab some water. Your body will thank you!

6. Sleep-Your body need 8-9 hours of sleep. 7 hours minimum. Your body needs to repair, the brain needs to relax, and you need it for all types of things like build lean muscle, burn fat, and being able to think fast. If you lack sleep it is bad for our health, you will crave carbs, gain weight, be irritable, and much more. So sleep yourself to a healthy body.

7. Exercise-No matter what type of exercise you chose. Chose to move! A body at rest stays at rest. Exercise not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good. I know I always feel great after a good workout. If I am feeling string, I will lift weights. If I am feeling tight and contracted, I will do yoga. If I want to clear my head, I will go for a great run. I listen to my body. Also change is good. If you are doing the same thing over and over, you might get bored. Change it up to be challenged.

8. Staying Motivated-Just like brushing my teeth every day, I have to stay motivated daily. I will snap some candid’s of my physique monthly to see where I am. I don’t like to veer off from my maintenance mode weight, measurements, and pictures. I will set up photo shoots to assess my physique.
I also like to look at Instagram and Facebook pages of rocking physique’s to really get me motivated. I want to look good naked, not just in clothes.

9. Set Goals-If you don’t have any health and fitness goals, how do you plan to stay motivated? I don’t know about you, but I have to set goals and work towards them. This drives me to be better than I am yesterday. Whether it is to run a race, a photo shoot, or a competition. Having a goal to work towards keeps you from being lazy.

10. Self-talk– I talk to myself positive and tell myself to stay strong. There is temptation everywhere. Trust me, I have talked myself off temptation ledges before. I need to be strong every day to get to my goals. If you don’t believe what you tell yourself and put it to action then find a great book. I am reading a wonderful book right now called First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson. It is a great book to help you get started in your new life.

I hope my maintenance mode tips have helped you see how I am able to stay happy and healthy!


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