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Magically Voluminous Hair

How many of us wish we could just sprinkle magic fairy dust on our hair to transform our limp, lifeless hair into full, mile-high, voluminous hair? I'm sure that most of us are desparate for a quick fix to waking up our dull hair, that doesn't involve the obvious damage of back-combing, also known as teasing. I

I have searched far and wide, and have discovered that this magic fairy dust does in fact, exist. Drumroll please: Osis + Dust It Mattifying powder by Schwarzkopf. How does this work? There are two ways to apply this dust into your hair.

  • Pour a small amount of this dust onto your hands, rub your hands together, and then run your fingers through your scalp.
  • Pour a small amout of dust directly onto your scalp and shake your hands through your head for a good five seconds.

Within seconds, you will feel your hair magically lift with fullness and you’ll look like those girls in those hair commercials you’ve always envied. Set your hair with hair spray and you are good to go! You can thank me later!

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