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Magic Giant on Recording their New Album in Nature While on Tour

Your photos from your travels are really fun and well-crafted. As all three of you are usually in the photos, who takes them?

Z: We had a photographer on this tour. One of our drummers is an amazing photographer. There’s a whole tour worth of photos.

BZ: He started our hunger for really cool photos.

Z: But a bartender [also] took a great photo of us in Mexico. It wasn’t a tourist spot. A tourist took the tunnel shot, too. 1 in 3 tourists can take a dope photo.


Who are your personal musical influences as well as the musical influences for Magic Giant?

BZ: Queen was an influence on our vocal arrangements and their freedom on doing whatever they think is right – it doesn’t have to fit any sort of mold or form.

AB: Bruce Springsteen, for his connectedness with his audience, his showmanship and energy, just putting on epic shows, period.

BZ: Julian Casablancas, for his underlying attitude and persona, and his melodies and lyrics. I’m molded by the world so I have plenty of influences.

Z: John Hartford. He’s a really good songwriter, plays banjo and fiddle, and he had this dance he used to do. The Avett Brothers also have a really cool punk energy and play progressive instruments. I like how their shows are pretty amped up.


What is your overall goal with Magic Giant?

BZ: One big one is the comfort in thyself. Allowing others to be comfortable and expressive. At our shows, everyone is blind to the world but also very present in the moment.

AB: We want everyone to drop their guards, take down their walls.

BZ: …and just move! Moving physically can just move you in so many other ways. It brings out endorphins. Just to move bodies and souls.

AB: The bigger we become and the more our music can reach people, the bigger opportunity we have to make a difference and make an impact on people.


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Magic Giant on Recording their New Album in Nature While on Tour

Magic Giant on Recording their New Album in Nature While on Tour

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