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Lunches in the L.A. School District Are Getting a Vegan Upgrade!

This year, some schools are beginning to adopt a different lunch program!

This year, children in the Los Angeles school district will be enjoying a different type of lunch. Seven schools in LA will be adopting a vegan lunch program!

In this program, children will be enjoying a meat-free lunch that will include vegan submarine sandwiches, tamales and burgers among other tasty treats!

Beginning on September 5th to November 17th, these schools will add vegan options to their lunch menus. The areas included in this new, cruelty-free lunch program are North Hollywood, Fairfax, Banning, Roosevelt, Huntington Park, Sylmar and Crenshaw high schools. These students will enjoy tasty teriyaki patty sandwiches, chili and chips, and other delicious meat-free lunches!

Los Angeles Unified School District Food Services Director, Joseph K. Vaughn said, “We are working with vendors to not only ensure products meet nutritional and vegan standards, but that they are also tasty and appealing. We want to stir up interest and excitement so that our students will try a vegan option.”

The trial period, September 5th to November 17th, will allow students to try these new, vegan options and then provide important feedback regarding what they like and don’t like. Then, the school district will access this information to improve the menu. The intent is to then implement other vegan-option lunch programs into other schools!

Previously, Suzy Cameron and director James Cameron were instrumental in helping to create a vegan menu at The Muse School in Calabasas, California. This school opened in 2006 and offers an entirely vegan menu. James Cameron said, “It’s about raising kids who don’t think it’s strange or exotic or worthy of a pat on the back to be doing the right thing for the living biosphere“. And indeed, hopefully eating a vegan lunch will become the norm, not the exception.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Unified School District for creating a progressive menu for its students! Hopefully, other school districts will follow suit to offer healthy and nutritious vegan lunches for their student body as well!



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