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Do You Love Animals? Learn How to Save Lives with Luigi, Mia and Paolo-Rock Star Doggies!

Luigi, Mia and Paolo are doggies with three distinct personalities!
They each come from diverse backgrounds and have a unique gift to bring to the world! They inspired their owners, Michael-Blu DeFrancesco & Seth Daniel Lewis, to write WOOFS OF WISDOM, a fantastic little book with a huge heart!
This book was photographed by leading dog photographer, Jesse Freidin and conveys the beliefs that “Life matters. Love matters. Loyalty matters.”

They have also created HELLO HOLLYWOOD, another whimsically illustrated children’s book where Luigi, Mia and Paolo are transformed into superstar characters!
In fact, Luigi, Mia and Paolo send a positive message to children as larger than life rock star doggies!


Michael-Blu and Seth have also collaborated with the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company to create lifelike plus dolls of Luigi, Mia and Paolo! These plush puppies are super soft, extremely lovable and beautifully designed!


Michael-Blu and Seth are fashionistas and skincare gurus who believe that animals are not disposable and are here for us to love and for them to love us.
Michael told VGM, “Seth and I have come to realize that in this life we’ve been given these amazing gifts and with these gifts comes a great responsibility.
Luigi, Mia and Paolo’s friendship is extraordinary.
This entire project came together so that their voices could be heard, to bring awareness, change and make laws to protect and most lives.
With your help we can literally save hundreds of lives.
This is a project of importance that comes from a very deep place in our hearts.”

To donate to this awesome Kickstarter project,
click HERE!


In 2013, Michael-Blu and Seth launched Project Bobo, their foundation that helps no kill shelters all over the country.
Project Bobo has also recently partnered with Valley Animal Center and Social Compassion in Legislation which works on solutions to pet overpopulation through state and local policy changes, community outreach, education and private and public programs.
A portion of the proceeds from this Kickstarter campaign go to Project Bobo, so feel good about donating to this worthy cause!
And Michael- Blu and Seth want to thank you for donating to their project.
Michael said, “We’ve chosen the most amazing items from our collection to share with you as our way of saying thank you for being a part of an event, a moment in time, an amazing project and the launch of Luigi, Mia and Paolo Rock Star Doggies as goodwill ambassadors for all animals big and small.
Thank you for helping to make their voices heard.”



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