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Love Sloths? Your Next Vacation Should Be at The Sloth Sanctuary!

You just have to visit this new sloth sanctuary that opened in Costa Rica!

If you’re looking for something new to do on your next vacay, why not visit a sloth sanctuary! Right now, you’re probably asking yourself what that is. Well, if you’re like sloth-crazy actress Kristen Bell who melted down on The Ellen Show while talking about her favorite creature in the world, you should take a trip to The Sloth Sanctuary in the Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica!

kristen bell and sloth

That’s right, this national park is dedicated to preserving one of the slowest little creatures on earth. You can stay at Nayara Springs or Nayara Resort
Spa & Garden (the sister retreat) and watch a cornucopia of sloths on 300 acres of Cecropia trees! Incidentally, these trees are the favorite food for three-toed sloths! Cecropia trees have sparse branches so they allow for prime viewing. And since they planted these trees on the resort, the sloth population went from a single pair to more than 15 sloths.
So chances are, you’ll see a lot of sloths while you are there!

And they even offer complimentary walking tours of the property two times a week. But you don’t necessarily have to take a tour because chances are, you’ll see a sloth just by being on the property!

sloth with leaf in mouth

You can also book a Sky Tram and Trek excursion that will up your chances of seeing more of these cute herbivores. And in addition to sloths, there is a wide variety of wildlife that you can see in the preserve. There are colorful, tropical birds, frogs, peccaries, and iguanas as well in addition to other species indigenous to this area.

So, what are you waiting for? These slow-moving creatures are just waiting for you to spot them dangling high up in the trees of exotic Costa Rica!



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