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Love is in the Air! Kylie Jenner Launches Valentine’s Day Makeup Collection!

Blow air kisses because this is a 2017 makeup collection we just love!

We have exciting news, lovelies, because Kylie Jenner Cosmetics just launched their Valentine’s Day Collection!
This highly anticipated line features colors associated with the holiday such as red, pink and purple!
And even the packaging is heartwarming red for the occasion!
Items in this collection would be a perfect gift to give your girlfriends, and you’ll have to get something for yourself too of course!


DAE want to know what’s in this killer collection?
First off, there are two new lip kits! And they even have To: and From: spaces for you to fill your name and your BBF’s name in! How cute is that? One kit is named “Head Over Heels” and is a burgundy color. The other is “Valentine” which is a bright fuchsia. Each kit contains a lip liner and liquid lipstick!


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Next, we have Kylie’s Valentine’s Day Minis.
There are 6 minis in this collection, Maliboo, Posie K, Mary Jo K, Apricol, High Maintenance and Head Over Heels!


makeup collection kylie jenner minis
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Kylie’s Diary is a ginormous palette of eye shadows with cute Valentine’s names such as Bae, Heart Breaker, Make Me Blush, Sweet Like Candy, Love Potion, Be Mine, Heart Eyes, Romance and Love Me Not.
Also in Kylie’s Diary are two blush colors, First Date and Virginity.
This kit looks like a diary and also includes a large mirror.


makeup collection kylie jenner blush
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Valentine’s Kits are next on the agenda! And Kylie has three kits included in this makeup collection!
Each includes two lip products and two eye shadows. And the lip products come in both matte and gloss finishes!


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With so much to choose from this Valentine’s Day, IMHO you can get something for your BFFs and have your BF get you Kylie’s Diary! Happy Valentine’s Day Baes!


All images courtesy of Kylie Jenner Cosmetics






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