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Living the Royal Dream – How to Dine With Cinderella in Her Castle

Who wouldn’t love to join Cinderella for a delicious meal in her castle? 

Cinderella is such a beloved Disney character that kids and adults of all ages are thrilled about the experience. However, it’s not enough to wish it upon a star (unless you have a Fairy Godmother willing to help you out). 

Cinderella’s Royal Table is a signature dining experience and one of the most difficult reservations to book at Disney World. Also, make sure to bring your wallet since it truly is a royal experience.

If you’re currently pondering if Cinderella is worth the effort, here is what to expect and how to make sure you’ll have the best time while there:

Fine Dining at the Castle

When was the last time you were invited to dine at a castle (and a royal one, mind you)? Most regular people don’t have this experience too often in their lifetime, so it’s quite an impressive feat. 

The restaurant is set inside Cinderella Castle (upstairs a winding staircase), which looks amazing on the outside and on the inside. The interior decor makes you feel like you’re inside a real old castle, with royal banners and even a suit of armor greeting the guests.

The banquet hall has beautiful stone archways, stained glass windows, and rich tapestries worthy of a royal experience. The ambiance is truly regal, and guests are greeted by Cinderella herself in the lobby (for a royal picture, of course!).

While the castle is a real masterpiece in terms of decor and experience, the main reason this attraction is so popular is rooted in Cinderella’s popularity as a beloved character. So, while other characters, like the Fairy Godmother and various princesses, may make an appearance, the experience would be lacking without the main guest. 

What’s on the Menu?

Once you’re done admiring the entryway and the banquet hall, and after you’re overcome with joy from meeting Cinderella, it’s time to think about food.

The menu varies, so we highly recommend checking it on the website before booking your visit. Overall, you should expect a selection of meat and veggies, seafood, pastry, and desserts. Most visitors are happy with the dining experience and praise the chefs for their skill and artistic sense (the presentation is impressive with all meals).

However, if you go through the reviews, you’ll notice not everyone is over the moon with joy with some of the dishes. Still, if you’re not too picky, the food is delicious most times. 

How to Book a Seat at the Royal Table

To make a reservation, you need a Magic Kingdom theme park pass. Also, you have to plan in advance – she’s a princess, after all, and many people want to visit her.

Tip: You can get a 10% discount if you have an Annual Pass (similar to the Disney Magic key program at Disneyland).

Finally, to make the dining reservations, use the My Disney Experience app or the Disney World Dining website, but expect to be placed on a waiting list at first. There’s also the option to secure an Advance Dining Reservation, but only if you pay in full for your meal before the experience even takes place. This one is a bit risky, so it’s up to you to decide. 

In Conclusion

If you like Disney princesses and character dining, then Cinderella’s Royal Table should be on your list. The ambiance is truly fantastic and you can break free from the real world while enjoying a delicious dinner in a royal castle. What more could you ask for?

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