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Life on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia

If ever there was a place to kick off your shoes, let down your hair, and completely relax, it would be on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Here, you’ll find endless miles of beaches, crystal clear water, and the bluest skies.

The Sunny Coast, as the locals call it, is located about halfway up the East Coast of Australia. Its central location is prime: a short drive to the north and you’ll find Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island (both very popular, beautiful places), and to the south, are Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

I’ve had the privilege of living and working on the Sunny Coast for the past six months. It is truly one of Australia’s best destinations and I’ve fallen in love with the lifestyle. I have stayed for much longer than I had planned to, but I can’t complain! The people are so welcoming and the scenery never disappoints; even on a stormy day, the coast is stunning.

The Sunshine Coast sports a very outdoorsy lifestyle. The abundance of hikes, beaches, and rivers makes it a great location for active people. You can explore the area, take walks through the national parks, and enjoy striking views of the coastline. The warm ocean temperatures allows visitors to enjoy water sports for most of the year. Whether you conquer your fears and try abseiling or learn to balance on a stand-up paddleboard, there is a wide range of exciting things to try.

On the coast, surfing is an obvious must. With such amazing beaches and perfect waves, it would be a sin not to learn how to surf here. It’s common for the locals to wake up with the sun to catch a few waves before work. This is the essence of coastal life.

And if simply lounging on the beach is your cup of tea, grab the sunscreen and spend your day basking in the sun. No one would blame you!

Its laidback vibe compensates for the quiet nightlife. Instead, you’ll find your evening complete with a pastel sunset followed by a warm evening and a sky full of stars. There’s nothing better than lying on the sand and looking up at the sky as you listen to the waves crashing on the shore.

Here on the Sunny Coast, no one is in a hurry so channel your inner hippy, take off your shoes, and learn to love the sand in your hair.




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