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Level Up Your Lunch Break from Your Desk

Heading out for a walk, meeting a friend for coffee, or even taking an exercise class are all perfectly valid ways to improve your lunch break, but what if you really can’t be bothered to leave your work desk? Perhaps you’d love to leave your desk but you don’t really have the time to commit to that hour-long spin class. Whatever the reason for wanting to be stationary on your lunch, that’s your business. We’ve put together a list of lunch break improvers that require almost no exertion on your part – well, not physical exertion anyway.

Free Online Games

If you’re looking for a way to simply unwind then you can’t go far wrong with a game or two. Those who want to sharpen up their logical thinking could try online chess. You can play full games against people all over the world, or opt for quick-fire chess, where you’ll play against the clock. This is a handy variety for people who are pressed for time over lunch. If chess isn’t your thing then there are plenty of other free online games that you could choose from, including free to play poker and slots games for those who like playing at a casino without spending money. 

These sorts of games aren’t just a nice way to unwind from the stresses of work, they can also improve your mental arithmetic, logical thinking and more. Chess is great for improving your memory, thanks to the need to remember your opening gambits as well as keep tabs on what your opponent has been doing. Not only this, but your skills of logic and reasoning could improve as well. Poker and blackjack can certainly help with your mental arithmetic, as well as working out probabilities when you become more confident at the game. Working out the probabilities of the card that’s being drawn next, as well as whether it’s a good idea to fold or flop in poker, is tricky at first but gets much easier with practice.

Plan Your Lunches

Although this one is only really useful if you do a little work afterwards, all of the planning element can be done from your desk and the planning really is the key to success. According to a study by Visa, on average in the US we spend a staggering $57 on lunch each week. Everyone knows how disappointing a pre-packaged sandwich from the grocery store is, especially when they’re so much more expensive than one you could make at home. Instead of relying on the workplace canteen, or giving into fast food, consider planning out your lunches. Not only will it be kinder to your wallet, but it could also make a positive impact towards a healthier lifestyle

There are plenty of ready-made lunch plans out there, but as a rule of thumb, aim for lots of leafy greens (remember to dress these on the day to avoid soggy salad) and combine with protein like tofu, vegan chicken, or vegan tuna. Alongside this include your complex carbohydrates, like rye bread croutons, or wild rice. If you keep everything in separate Tupperware containers until the day you need it then nothing will get soggy or spoil, and you’ll have a lunch that everyone will be jealous of for a fraction of the cost of takeout.

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