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Let Us Talk about Pansexuality: What Does It Mean?

Today, more and more people are identifying themselves as pansexual. For this reason, many people are wondering about this sexual identity. Although some are familiar with the term, a lot of people are still confused about this matter. As such, we have gathered some important details about pansexuality so that you can better understand this sexuality.

Defining Pansexuality

In Greek, the term “pan” means “all.” As such, pansexuality can be best described as the physical and emotional attraction to people no matter what their sexual identity or gender is.

Like every person in this world, a pansexual person can be attracted to one person and not the other. The difference is that people with this sexual identity do not consider one’s gender.

Keep in mind that pansexuality is different from “omnisexuality,” even though some people use these terms interchangeably. To explain further, people who identify themselves as “omnisexual” are attracted to people of any gender; however, they still consider a person’s gender as an important factor. On the other hand, pansexual people can be attracted to an individual no matter his gender.

How to Know If You’re Pansexual?

Knowing the important details about pansexuality is crucial because it will help you understand yourself and the people around you. So, how will you know if you’re a pansexual?

A major sign that you’re a pansexual is your attraction to different people. To be specific, you are not only attracted to men or women. Instead, you find people of any sexuality or gender desirable. As such, pansexual people don’t consider one’s gender as a vital factor in their emotional or sexual attraction.

Now that you know more about pansexuality, you can better understand yourself or the person identifying with this sexuality.

If you’re a pansexual person, you may find it challenging to tell your loved ones about your sexuality. If this is the case, you may have to discuss and break down the important details about pansexuality so that your loved ones will be able to understand you better. Aside from that, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell people about your sexuality because the important part is that you’re being true to yourself.

If you know a pansexual person, always practice kindness, love, and acceptance. Remember, we are all entitled to live happily in this world. As such, we have to respect and accept all people regardless of their sexuality or gender.


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