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Less Is More: These Divas Are Taking It Seriously With These Stylish Cardigans

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Remember how some of us loathed cardigans because we thought they made us look like grannies? Well, those are thoughts of the past because cardigans have taken a stylish turn and are here to upgrade your wardrobe. In fact, these fashionistas are embracing cardigans with a bang. There is a variety of ways to flaunt these chic outfits, whether you want to dress up or down, pair them with jeans or wear them as an evening dress, or wear them casually for grocery shopping. Whatever you do, these cardigans will be a sensation. Now you can make your winter sexy with these stylish cardigans. Below is a selection of our top favorite ways to style an ever-green cardigan. 

Less Is More These Divas Are Taking It Serious With These Stylish Cardigans 1
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Photo By @tillypegg_/Instagram

We like to start off with a bang, which is why the top on our list is this high-necked, grey cardigan paired with a lace, black corset. Style this with white trousers and sneakers to flatter yourself on any occasion. 

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