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Laughing Frog Yoga Offers a Goat Yoga Class

Shake Up Your Fitness Routine with Goat Yoga

Have you been wanting to spice up your yoga routine? Do you want to add an element of chaos to your daily workout? Well, here’s your chance!

Laughing Frog Yoga offers “Goat Yoga” classes at their indoor studio in Santa Monica. They have partnered with Michelle Tritten of Hello Critter Care and her two goats, Roscoe and Floyd, to bring joy to yogis everywhere.

What can you expect when signing up for goat yoga? As class begins, Roscoe and Floyd, the two 25-pound goats, enter the class with Michelle. As the goats enter, giggles and happiness ensue. Roscoe enjoys jumping and climbing on people while Floyd enjoys walking under them. Together, they move around the class jumping on yogis and having fun under the supervision of Michelle. Perhaps it isn’t the most calm, meditative yoga class, but it breaks up the norm and adds lighthearted fun to your yoga routine.

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Malorie Mackey Attending Goat Yoga

Viva Glam video director and videographer Caitlin Kazepis attended a class with us, and she commented, “Goat Yoga was the best yoga experience I’ve had in a long time! I think the best part was the spontaneous and pervasive giggling that broke out around the room at random… Laughing is always a great aerobic workout, but when you combine it with deep stretching and a relaxed atmosphere…I have never gotten a more fulfilling experience.”

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Caitlin Kazepis with Roscoe and Floyd

We were able to speak with Michelle Tritten of Hello Critter Care, and we loved hearing about her goat rescue. She told us that male goats born on farms can have very grim futures, so she rescues them and finds them homes. Michelle is looking to help more animals in the future, as well, such as rabbits. Anyone interested in helping to rescue goats or helping Michelle’s cause should visit the Hello Critter Care Instagram.

Laughing Frog Yoga was the first yoga studio in Los Angeles to make indoor Goat Yoga a public event, but the craze is spreading like wildfire. Visit Laughing Frog Yoga today to experience this once-is-a-lifetime experience.

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