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Latest Fashion Trends to Keep Up This Year

Trends 2022

It’s that time of year again. We’re all eagerly waiting to see the latest trends for next season, and we won’t have to wait much longer with discounted designer brands.

The February fashion weeks were a great indicator of what’s coming up. Many designers are embracing the new outdoor life, apres-ski dressing, and preparing for a new wave of 80s sequins, finding sustainability in a little black dress, keeping comfort paramount in lux knitwear, and embracing neon.

One trend that is certain to be seen everywhere this fall is animal prints!

Animal Prints for fashion animals

Animal print is the new neutral. You can wear it with anything, mix and match it with any color, and it looks great. Get in on this trend early and pair a leopard print blazer or purse with your neutral fall outfit for added interest.

Another emerging trend is the athleisure look, which mixes elements of workout clothes with high-fashion pieces like faux fur coats and designer handbags. Animal print has been a massive trend for a few years now, and it’s only going to get bigger!

Athleisure is the new going out style

The winter season calls for athleisure wear to be warm and cozy yet stylish and practical. Add a faux fur coat to your athleisure look for warmth and style.

Fabrics to choose from are cashmere or a silk-cashmere blend with a bit of lycra to ensure your knits stay in shape. Cashmere is the best fabric for fashion knitting and knitwear.

If you are looking forward to spending time outdoors, be sure that your outerwear pieces are up-to-date. The parka coat will make a comeback this winter!

The Parka coat

Brands like Canada Goose and Moncler have created fashionable versions of the Parka coats we’ve seen in past winters, with great new colors and styles available now. Be on-trend by adding one of these beautiful coats to your wardrobe for next season.

If you’re on a budget, then go-to brands like Northface and Patagonia have great options for less, and you can find a more affordable version of the parka coat from them.

The Caribou Inuit invented the Parka coat to keep warm in the Canadian north. It was initially constructed of seal or caribou hide and waterproofed with fish oil. The word “parka,” which means “animal skin” in the Nenets language, is supposed to have originated there. These days we like faux hide and perfume rather than actual seal skin and fish oils.

Of course, fall wouldn’t be complete without some good old-fashioned jeans! This season, they will come in every color under the sun, including rich autumnal hues like mustard yellow, olive green, and deep purple.

Jeans in your genes

Denim is here to stay no matter what trend comes along. Forget your blue or black denim, though; this season’s hottest looks are neon colors paired with chunky knits and boots, which will look amazing with any outfit! You’ll want to pick up a couple of pairs so that you can mix it up all winter long.   

Jeans are timeless but now even brighter than ever, and we hear that kick flares and boot-cut jeans are making a comeback.

Be sure to check up on the latest fashion trends and shop for critical pieces to add to your wardrobe now. You can also use Le Tote for a new outfit every day or Rent The Runway Unlimited if you’re looking for some more options!

Rent don’t buy

A huge trend for 2021 was rent and don’t buy an outfit – to be honest, this is more occasion wear than every day, but it depends on what happens in your everyday life.

By hiring occasion wear, you can help the environment. Renting your clothing minimizes the amount of fabric that is thrown away each year. Renting provides you the thrill of owning a new piece of clothing, but once you’ve worn it out, you return it for someone else to do the same. It’s a win and win in fashion and environmental terms!

Sequins and that LBD

Sparkle up your sequins and add some glam to your winter look with sequins and sparkles!

Sequin party is in the air, and it’s giving the nod to both the roaring ’20s and the fabulous 80s – what’s not to love?

Sequins will be everywhere this season, so get ready to lace up those boots or slip into a pair of heels and rock them all night long. Also, try experimenting by adding sequin details onto regular pieces like jackets and blazers for an extra special touch.

Fashion junkies can easily update this trend from day to night depending on what you choose to wear it with – think jeans & tee during the day, then dress it up at night with a shimmery LBD (little black dress) or sequin skirt!   

Suppose there’s only one thing we love. It’s different textures mixed for new looks that will blow everyone away. This season, look out for a mix of fabrics and textures, including velvet dresses with sequins or leather boots with suede details for a unique winter outfit!

Mixing it up

Combining different fabric types will always create a unique new look, whether you’re walking down the street or strutting your stuff at a party. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean we can’t be daring.

Why not try mixing metallic heels with printed leggings to keep things interesting? Or how about taking this idea one step further by adding some pom-poms onto your shoes for extra fun!   

If you’re looking forward to going outside, make sure your outerwear is up to date. Quilted-style jackets that scream apres-ski will be huge this winter, so get on board now before they’re all over the place – they’re the perfect way to stay warm and look great!

Rainbow Bright

Keep things colorful with bold prints that will turn heads, as well as take inspiration from your favorite children’s cartoon characters for a bit of fun!

We love fashion because designers can take an old trend and reinvent it into something new. Take events like Coachella, where rave wear is designer wear now.

It doesn’t matter if it’s long or short, printed or plain; what matters most is making sure you stand out, adding an individual touch to your outfits.

Don’t forget your hair and make-up

Rainbow-colored hair is back in a big way! Whether you’re going bright blonde or pink, this look will turn heads and add some fun to any outfit.

If you don’t want to go for the entire head of color, then try adding a few streaks into your locks if it’s not an out-there style that makes people think you’ve lost your marbles (if so, we say go for it!)   

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