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Las Vegas Gets Its First Vegan Bar and Restaurant ‘Bar Boulevard’

Las Vegas will get its first all-vegan bar with the opening of Bar Boulevard set to open later this month. The venue is the product of a partnership between Darren Picone and local vegan chef, Steven the Vegan. According to LiveKindly, the two met while working at Vegan Meals by Mindy, a Las Vegas-based vegan ready meal company. Steven the Vegan is also in charge of the plant-based catering service, Human(e) Food 702.
“From there a friendship blossomed and the concept evolved,” said Angel Alonzo, creative director and kitchen manager for Bar Boulevard in an interview with Vegans, Baby. “We are a small unconventional family that simply wants to bring life and color to the neighborhood and make a change in the world.”

The new venue is looking to redefine any misconceptions around vegan food and welcome non-vegans interested in venturing into a new, deliciously entertaining culinary world.
“It’s a unique and effective way to spread compassion and awareness,” said Alonzo. “The long-term goal is to grow business so that we may be able to contribute to animal activism and other charities making a difference in our community. Where there is a need, we would like to eventually be able to meet it. We’d like to cultivate a family atmosphere and all-around community vibe… where vegans and non-vegans alike can feel safe, [to] come [to] hang out and eat some delicious cruelty-free meals.”
The menu for the new bar and restaurant will include dishes such as fish tacos, mac and cheese, chili, and raw Pad Thai, along with a variety of all-vegan alcoholic beverages.
“Cruelty-free food for humans – that’s my concept,” said the chef Steven the Vegan. “Vegan food made by a vegan. It’s not a common thing to have a vegan chef, making vegan food in the city.”
This new opening is part of a major trend in Las Vegas. “The opening of [Bar Boulevard] further solidifies Las Vegas’ burgeoning vegan scene,” said Diana Edelman, founder of Vegans, Baby to LiveKindly. “It’s been an incredible year so far with more vegan restaurants opening this year than in any year prior. In the next few months, expect even more vegan restaurants opening,” she added.
“Between the new vegan restaurants opening, the restaurants I’m in conversations with to create and offer vegan menus and the early confirmation of major restaurants eager to participate in this January’s Veganuary Las Vegas dining month, it’s apparent that the vegan scene in Las Vegas is thriving,” Edelman affirmed.
Along with Bar Boulevard, Sin City has also seen new venues such as Amber’s Smoked Vegan and Blinders Burgers & Brunch, and the addition of vegan menus at non-vegan eateries like Hank’s Fine Steaks and Martinis, and very recently even the popular Station Casinos also included more vegan options in their menus.


Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Las Vegas


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