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L’Oreal Acquires Vegan Cosmetic Firm Logocos Naturkosmetik

Cosmetic firm L’Or‚àö¬©al announced an agreement to acquire Logocos Naturkosmetik, an AG German beauty company that is a pioneer in natural cosmetics. They are also the owners of vegan and organics cosmetic brands Logona and Sante.

All of Logocos Naturkosmetikproducts are vegan and have a bio certificate with a line of products that contain plant extracts and natural ingredients derived exclusively from organic farming.

With this acquisition, L’Or‚àö¬©al plans to expand Logocos Naturkosmetik internationally, which has 340 employees and, during the year 2017, reached a turnover of 59 million euros.

“Logocos brings to the division two authentic and certified natural brands, as well as a unique experience of a world pioneer in the organic beauty market, “said Alexis Perakis-Valat, world president of L’Or‚àö¬©al’s Consumer Goods Division, which reinforces his reinforces the division’s position in one of the main emerging trends in the beauty sector.

Meanwhile, Fabrice Megarbane, CEO of L’Or‚àö¬©al Germany, expressed his satisfaction with the acquisition, noting that in Germany is a country where “the desire for organic cosmetics is among the largest in Western Europe.”

Founded in 1978 by a naturopath, Logocos Naturkosmetik AG is based in Hanover (Germany) and has 340 employees.

The Logona line specializes in hair care, coloration, skin care products as well as other categories of hygiene that are present mainly in organic stores at a premium price aimed at consumers committed to natural cosmetics. On the other hand, Sante’s product line includes hair care, skin care, hygiene, and makeup products that are distributed in high-end stores at affordable prices.

L’Or‚àö¬©al is the world’s leading cosmetics company. With a diverse portfolio of more than 35 international and complementary brands, the Group generated a turnover of 26,060 million euros in 2017 and has 82,600 employees around the world. It is present in all distribution circuits, from mass consumption, pharmacies, hairdressing salons, perfumeries, travel retail, to the e-commerce channel. Currently, the brand as a whole is not cruelty-free but we hope that the new acquisition will turn the cosmetics giant into a more ethical and environmentally-aware brand.



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