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Kissables Moisturizing Gel Booties and Gloves

Vintage Home

After spending most of the summer running about in flip flops, I recently decided to try Vintage Home’s Kissables Moisturizing Gel Booties.
These booties are hydrating gel socks infused with lavender oil, jojoba, olive oil and vitamin E.
They sounded yummy so I put them on for the recommended 20 to 30 minutes.
When I opened the package a wonderful scent filled the room.
I think it was lavender, so relaxing.
I was off to a good start.
The socks are chenille on the outside and are a jelly-like rubber on the inside.
You slip the sock onto your foot and that’s it.
The oils and vitamins condition your skin by deeply penetrating rough, dry cracked skin.
And then the moisture is locked in to prevent the formation of calluses.

I walked around doing my normal business and half an hour later, voila, smooth skin and visibly smoother heels!
I would like to also mention, there are gripping circles on the bottom of the booties so you won’t slip and slide in them.

I wish they made these socks in a knee hi version as well!
But Vintage Homes also makes moisturizing gel gloves too.
These leave your hands silky soft and so kissable!

To find Kissable Spa booties and gloves, check out their website at:

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