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Kendall Jenner Gives a Sneak Peak of Kris Jenner's Luxurious Closet

Kendall Jenner gave us a glimpse into Kris Jenner’s closet and shared one of the Kardashian’s matriarch most precious treasures.

The supermodel gave her followers an impressive sneak peek of Kris Jenner’s closet over the weekend. The view was just as many people imagined, just full of dreamy bags, shoes, and very expensive clothes.
The “It Girl” posted through Instagram stories a video titled “boss closet” in which one can see almost perfectly each of the pieces from the most famous momager in all of showbiz, Kris Jenner.

Given that Kylie Jenner set aside an entire room in her house for her designer handbags, it only makes sense that the head of the Kardashian-Jenner clan would have a walk-in closet fit for a queen. Thanks to this video, it’s pretty clear that Kris Jenner’s closet looks more or less like a luxury clothing boutique: huge, fashionable and very expensive.
Kris Jenner has every single item perfectly organized by brand and by color. Upstairs she has trunks of different designs, among them you can see her most precious one, a Goyard that is personalized with the legend “Momager”. (“Momager”, of course was also the name of her Kylie Cosmetics collab released in May). You can also see the suitcases as well as three bags from the coveted collaboration between Louis Vuitton x Marc Jacobs.
Below are visible several bags and clutch from major brands such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more.
The closet also has its very own Gucci section where, of course, the classic Dyonisus is not one to be missed.
Additionally, there’s a section that’s the envy of all fashionistas and handbags lovers everywhere: an entire wall dedicated to her Birkins by Hermès, in all the sizes, colors, and fabrics you could imagine.
In the background, you can see another section dedicated exclusively to accessories, specially belts and shoes. Kendall kept panning to reveal a whole wall of hanging space filled with dress shirts, jackets, and tops. One of the things that caught everybody’s attention, besides the amount of beautiful handbags, was the huge number of white and dark shirts that Jenner owns.
You can watch the full video below, as seen in this post shared by kendalljennersnapchats, an Instagram account that posts Kendall’s Instagram stories.

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