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Keen on Chianti- Prepare for Fall’s Fashion Trends

Part 1 of a 4 Part Series going on throughout August. Fall is fast approaching….let me help you get your Fall trends in order!


Part 1 of a 4 Part Series going on throughout August. Fall is fast approaching….let me help you get your Fall trends in order!



Fall is waiting in the wings and to help you prepare I am writing a 4 part series throughout the month of August updating you on one key fall trend and how you can add it to your wardrobe for the coming season.

For the first article of this series I want to update you on my favorite upcoming fall trend and that is the amazing, the regal, the beautiful color “Chianti” also known as “Oxblood”. We saw it all over fall/winter designer runways in Feburary which means it’s definitely going to be one of the leading trends this fall. This color is rich, deep and passionate. Let it serve as your new neutral for the Fall 2012 season! With it’s brown understones, chianti (aka oxblood) is more suitable for a variety of skintones than traditional red. It’s flattering on any hair color as well making it a very wearable trend that everyone can partake in!


So let’s talk about how to integrate Chianti into your wardrobe!



Many women start a season ahead by adding small touches of the next season’s trends into their wardrobe the season before the trend really hits. Now is your opportunity to be a step ahead! Add a pop of chianti into your August wardrobe by carrying a chianti purse, wearing chainti leather shoes or even finding a sexy chianti colored lipstick. Make it subtle as this color is still a little too rich to wear head to toe in summer!


This Fendi Bag would be a perfect touch to add to any outfit this month to help introduce “chianti” into your wardrobe!

Adding a trendy color to your nails is always an easy way to show your support for a new upcoming color.

And an even easier way? Make your pout more perfect with a rich shade of chianti lipstick.

So when Fall rolls around what are your options for making this color a staple for this season?

Color block it!! Yep…color blocking is still in this season (hint hint) so take advantage of this chic way to throw chianti in the mix!

Chainti colored leather is all the rage for this coming fall season. My suggestion? Look on Etsy or Ebay for a cool vintage chianti or oxblood colored leather jacket….it’s a guilt free way to stay on trend!

Layer, layer, layer! Do you want to fully commit? Layer different shades of chianti for a rich, full, regal look!

Another pointer? Chainti/Oxblood is always best worn with gold jewelry. The warm tones play off each other nicely. It’s a beautiful color for this fall season that everyone can wear! Give it a try! I think you may be pleasantly surprised…..


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