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Kate Moss Hair Tutorial

Get a Light Wave in Your Hair Inspired by Kate Moss

Kate Moss took the stage in the fashion world as part of the “hero chic” fashion trend, but it was her work with Calvin Klein that made her an icon of the 90s. Many things about her, including her hair, inspired women of all generations. Now you can get Kate-Moss-inspired waves in your own hair. Watch our tutorial here to learn how to do this style at home!

Stylist: Yaniv Katzav

Model: Holley Wolfe


1) First put in your extensions (if you need them).

2) Brush out all of the tangles from your hair.

3) Spray your hair with a “wave spray.” (In the video, Yaniv used “Ouai.”)

4) Be sure to blow dry the crown of your hair down, making it flat.

5) Use a flat iron in an “over and under” motion to create a wave in your hair.

6) Mix a sculpting paste with the wave spray you used previously into your hands. Then, rub your hands with the product through your hair while pulling the hair down. This will help to keep frizz away, give your hair a nice shine, and hold your style in.

And that’s it. It’s that simple.

Here’s the before and after photo so you can see the full effect of the final result.


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