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Kate Middleton’s Top Beauty Secrets Revealed

Over the last month, the world may have been obsessing over the new Duchess of Sussex, but we can’t forget the stunning beauty (inside and out) that is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Sure, she may have access to stylists, makeup artists, and infinite tips and tricks by association with these experts, but there are a few secrets of hers that you can still do at home on your own.

Kate’s Voluminous Hair

The volume behind Kate Middleton’s hair certainly has a dryer in the mix, but to give it that “extra touch”, she tries to apply the heat on the part of the crown, for about 45 seconds, depending on the humidity, making it always look perfect.

She also often uses pins to keep her hairstyles in place. The secret is to find pins in the same color as your hair.

Finally, Kate is a lover of organic products. In this case, two of her favorites are the shampoo and conditioner that, for several years, she has devoutly acquired from the Chelsea Hall collection. It’s a botanical holistic non-foaming shampoo with a sulfate-free formula that is gentle enough to cleanse and moisturize hair in one step, according to interviews with her stylist Richard Ward to several outlets.

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All about that Glowing Skin

Getting rid of dark circles is not an easy task for anyone, but when it comes to a public figure that is always under the lens of the paparazzi, this is undoubtedly something to cover up. Kate applies a bright concealer, mascara, and fills in her brows to give the appearance of a rested face.

For her skin, Kate uses rosehip oil, a habit passed to her by her mother, because she loves how it feels on her skin.

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Apparently, all you need is a few matching pins, organic shampoo, and a good concealer to look as fresh and beautiful as Kate Middleton. So why not give it a shot!


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