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Katarina Van Derham’s Cruelty-Free Basic Makeup Products

Come along with Katarina as she shows us some of her basic cruelty-free beauty products!

You might be asking yourself, “Why is it important for cosmetics to be cruelty-free?” Several cosmetics on the market right now test on animals. But did you also know that animal testing is not absolutely necessary? Lab animals are often kept in inhumane conditions and have to endure painful tests. In addition, these tests are outdated. And currently, there are thousands of existing formulations and ingredients that are safe for humans and therefore don’t need to be tested on animals at all.

One of the videos that Katarina was requested to do was one featuring some of her favorite, basic cruelty-free beauty products! After all, she’s been a vegan and animal rights advocate for over 20 years now. During this time, she has learned a lot about cruelty-free products. And she also believes that by raising global awareness to animal testing, we can eventually end it all together.

From foundation, shimmer, concealer, powder, contour, eyeshadow, lip liner and gloss, watch as Katarina reveals the secrets of her favorite beauty items! She has spent years researching makeup. And you’ll see the products she uses to achieve that glamorous, sexy yet natural signature look that she is so known for! And because these items are basics, they are great for transitioning your makeup from day to night too! So we’re certain they will become YOUR beauty basics as well!

So exercise your buying power as a consumer by supporting these luxurious, cruelty-free brands that are making a change in the world. You’ll be beautiful on the outside and inside
that you are making a positive change universally. So get ready to show the world just how gorgeous you can be!




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