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Karly Treacy on Why Every Woman Should Strengthen Their Pelvic Floor

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If you haven’t thought about how to strengthen your pelvic floor yet, Karly Treacy can help you.

For our generation, sex is often on the brain. For us ladies, we are taught to worry about two main issues: 1) how our bodies look, and 2) the best positions to master. But have you ever thought about what muscles you need to exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor? It’s not just something for your mother to worry about. While it’s especially important to strengthen your pelvic floor after giving birth, it’s also beneficial to do so before for more enjoyable sex.

We asked Karly Treacy to start you off with some essential exercises. Treacy has taught yoga for 20-plus years, enjoys kickboxing, and is a renowned “pelvic floor guru”. She even healed her own diastasis without surgery by using her own training.

Treacy’s goal is to help every woman become physically, emotionally, aesthetically, and sexually reconnected to themselves. Find out her tips on how to strengthen your pelvic floor to have the sex life you’ve always wanted.



Q&A with Karly Treacy

A lot of women know about Kegels through TV and magazines, but don’t often do them correctly or at all. What is the PROPER way to do them?

Kegels are intended to strengthen the entire pelvic floor. Therefore, they are absolutely NOT exercised and simply stopping the flow of urine. This will not help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
Follow these instructions to do Kegels properly to strengthen the pelvic floor!

Part 1

Sit in a simple cross-legged position. (If this is not comfortable, sit on a yoga block, blanket, bolster, or sofa cushion.) Inhale deeply sensing into the muscles that lie between the two sit bones. Imagine each sit bone is an elevator door. As you exhale, draw these muscles toward one another closing the elevator doors. As you inhale the doors open and release. Repeat for four rounds of breath.

Part 2

Now imagine that the pubic bone and the tailbone are the elevator doors. Exhale, draw the muscles toward one another, closing the elevator doors; as you inhale, you release, allowing the doors to open.

Part 3

On an exhale, draw all four points to center – the two sit bones, pubic bone and tail bone. Release on an inhale.

Part 4

When you feel like you can fully draw all four points to center, closing the elevator doors, you attempt to lift the elevator up. Imagine that there were three floors from the pubic bone to your navel. With every exhale, you challenge how high you can lift the elevator.



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