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K.C. Undercover’s Veronica Dunne Talks Season 2, Her Love/Hate Relationship with Makeup, and Naps

Veronica Dunne is quickly on her way to being one of Hollywood’s favorite young actresses. With her quick comedic timing, her stunning Broadway voice, and her stand-out red carpet style, this K.C. Undercover star is on her way to the very top.

The second season of K.C. Undercover, also starring Disney veteran and latest Covergirl Zendaya, will begin on March 6th. Catch her as best friend Marisa on this fan-favorite Disney show.

We caught up with Dunne a few days ago as she was shopping
at Planet Blue for her 21st birthday celebration this weekend. She told us all about what to expect in season two, her friendship with Zendaya, and what you could find her wearing on a girls’ night out.


You play Marisa on K.C. Undercover. What do you love about your role?

She’s so fun to play! She’s such a free spirit and a happy, outgoing character. I really love her friendship that she has with K.C. She’s all over the place, in some regards, with school and boys, but when it comes down to being there for her friends, she’s there. It’s great to show that kind of friendship between two girls. It’s a great message for girls.

Have you learned anything in particular from playing this role or by acting alongside of your co-stars?

Just how it all comes together and what it’s like creating a show! It’s a huge lesson in itself being a series regular as far as camera work, directing, lighting, [etc]. [In regards] to my co-stars, I learn from them everyday. Watching them perform is so outstanding and I adore them all. To be able to see them work and see their comedic timing, it’s really an amazing learning experience.

What can we expect to see from Marisa on season two?

K.C. isn’t really a spy anymore so we can expect to see [Marisa] helping K.C. get acclimated to being a normal girl in
high school. They make a discovery that no one really knows who’s she dated at the school because she’s always been on missions. Marisa will [also] be helping out on more missions.

You and Zendaya have grown very close through this show. How would you describe your friendship?

We just have a great time. We immediately connected when we were doing camera reads; we laugh a lot and we goof off. We both enjoy the same things: taking naps, hanging out, and Beyonce. She’s super down-to-earth and great to be around. Our friendship is really easy going.

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