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A look into the new line of luxe yet affordable shirts and dresses created by mother and local Manhattan Beach resident Jules Feng…..

I recently had the great pleasure of modeling for a new line here in the LA area called jules.losangeles. I had no idea what to expect (per usual when walking into a shoot with a line you’ve never worked with before) and then I met owner/designer Jules Feng and I knew immediatley the shoot was going to be a lively one! How do I describe Jules? Hmmmm….how about mother, ambitious business woman, DYNAMO. Jules is the type of woman who brings a little light and laughter into any situation and that’s just what she did on the day of our shoot. Once I heard her story I was not only intrigued but inspired and so I wanted to share it with all of you!! I recently did an interview with Jules and I don’t think anyone can do a better job of speaking on Jules behalf than Jules herself! So let’s take a look at what she has to say…..


Jules for all of our viewers out there who don’t know you tell us a little about yourself

I can be quite extreme; things either are or aren’t, the grey areas tend to apply more in my parenting style than other areas of my life.
I can be gracefully curt, subtly bold, clownishly sophisticated and politely demanding.
Many of the relationships I have developed throughout my life are purely off of the initital chemistry and the little unspoken understandings of one another there after.
I am not a petty person and can’t say I have any friends that are.
I am attracted to positive people that encourage themselves and others.
If I find someone likes to gossip too much or spread a lot of negative energy, I take a couple of emotional steps back and am on guard.

Although I am constantly evolving, I have found that I am who I am, period.
I believe that in a woman’s life, we go through so many transformations with each phase, age and episode….and without inner peace and self love and personal acceptance, not much in life will ever be that great, long lived and rewarding.
Personally, none of the great achievements in my own life could be valued, cherished or uplifted if I didn’t respect and accept myself and didn’t feel good about the person I am inside.
I genuinely believe it takes a peaceful heart to do good, feel good and be good….and with all that said, I have travelled a very long way to get to where I am today and I am happy to share it with anyone that is curious as to how

Tell me a little bit about how/why you started jules.losangeles-
There are a handful of reasons for why I started my own line. But the first collection in my jules.losangeles line, the “Lifestyle Collection”, in particular began bc I personally wanted quality, affordable, current, easy to wear, classic staple pieces in my own closet as much as I did for my friends, family and clients.

Each piece in your line is named after a different friend in your life tell me how you came up with that idea-

Long story but basically, I have a very big, colorful, upbeat, social persona and I love that part of me.
I also have a deeper part of me that is low-key, down-to-earth, traditional and religious.
I spent my entire life practicing two cultures; sometimes for the better, often for worse and far too many times stuck in the middle.
As a result of these different and various attributes and elements of my life, I developed quite a big personality and learned to adapt, listen, accept, resist but most definitely relate to all walks of life. As a result of these things, I made some remarkable and diverse friends along the way.
My tops are named after women that hold a special forever place in my heart.
Above all else in this process of starting my own clothing line, I am most proud of the names and descriptions of my pieces in my first collection and honored to reveal the women that represent each of my designs.
The only two precious women missing from this initial collection (my first 2 maxi dresses will be named after them!) are my mother and 94 year old grandmother.

What type of woman is the jules.losangeles brand designed for?
JF:The sophisticated, classic, current, feminine and flirtatious woman.

From what do you draw artistic inspiration?
My affinity for classic, sophisticated and glamorous everything as well as my love for culture and my interest in the different lifestyles we as woman endure throughout our lives.
I also really do love the influence of bold fashion but I’m always looking for ways to transform simple into fabulous.

You went from minimal experience in the fashion industry to developing your own brand.Æhow did you manage that?
I don’t have any experience in terms of having studied at a fashion school, my B.A is in Consumer and Family Science with an emphasis in teaching, but rather, I have a lifelong portofolio of speaking the language of fashion and enjoying everything about it, especially when it comes to expressing all the different dialects I’ve come to understand, appreciate and work with.
Fashion is my first
language and I have an undeniable uncontrollable passion for it.
With what came to me naturally for most of my life, plus my experience in working in trendy boutiques, getting to know my customers needs, fulfilling my role as a stylist for my friends and clients, and re-loving or re-inventing one closet wardrobe after another….. all combined with my insane shopaholicsm….
I managed to create my jules.losangeles brand.

What’s your favorite piece from your line?
When it comes to fashion, I can never pick just one.
My first favorite is the Katy One Love bc it’s my everyday staple piece; thrown over my workout clothes or belted (sometimes not) over a pair of skinnies.
My next favorite piece is the “MuiraMuira On the Wall” bc it tells you some things I find attractive about myself.

What’s o
ne staple you can’t live without?
My sunglasses and hair ties (Cant pick just one!)

VG: Name one fashion trend that you refuse to follow?
JF: Artificial Bling.

VG: Name an item every California girl should have?
Sunglasses, a fantastic T shirt staple that you can dress up or down (like my Katy One Love or Jen-Town) and a pair of great denims.

VG: Where would you like to see jules.losangeles in a year from now?
I’d like to see jules.losangeles being sold at the same retail fronts and specialty boutiques that I shop at myself and with my friends and for my clients.
I am excited about the launch of my first
collection “Lifestyle” and look forward to sharing more and more of
what I’ve worked hard to design and create for jules.losangeles.


Check out some of the pieces featured in Jules’ new line called “LifeStyle” for jules.losangeles

The Katy One Love

It’s All About Lynette

Jo For All and All For Joe


High Low Back Lindsey

Fancy Nancy Drinks Beer

For pricing and additional colors and styles you can check out this amazing line HERE!!

Until next time!

xoxo Rene’


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