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Josie Ho: “Fashion is a Very Selfish Thing”

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Viva Glam readers, we got a special interview for you today. While she may not be as well-known in America for her projects, Josie Ho is a bonafide superstar, billionaire heiress, actress, musician, and handbag designer in Asia, as she was born and is still based in Hong Kong. She’s so beloved in the fashion world that last year she was a VIP guest to Chanel and Ellie Saab at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Most of us would dream to get that invitation.

Now her popular handbag line, Mata-hari, is finally available via her online shop, as well as in a many stores worldwide. Find out more about the line as well as her film
career from Josie Ho herself below!


Q&A with Josie Ho

Josie on Film

You’ve been working as an actress for 20 years.
Is there a particular role that you have especially enjoyed playing?

It’s been fun playing different roles throughout the years.
Many of the roles I’ve loved, especially my recent role .≤Beast Ng’ in my newest movie “Full Strike.”
.≤Beast’ is an angry badminton champion whose hot temper causes problems with her career.
Well, it’s a long story and a really funny movie currently playing in cinema here in Hong Kong.


In what ways is the film industry in Asia different than that in America (Hollywood) that many of us are not aware of yet?

I’ve only worked in Western films twice, but what I noticed is that there are trailers on those sets, whereas we don’t have trailers on set in Hong Kong.
We are happy to just find a corner or curb to sit on the street with downtime during production.
It’s actually fun this way too because then you get to hang out with all the actors and the crew.


As an heiress, you probably deal with preconceptions from others on a daily basis. How do you address that in your personal life as well as your career?

I am only human.
I work a lot, but I do enjoy working.
People at home in Hong Kong know me more as a singer or actor.

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