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Jewelry Trends for Summer 2017

We all know that jewelry has the potential to make or break any outfit; it can dress up an otherwise boring selection and provide the unique look that might otherwise be missing. That’s why your best bet in keeping up with the latest and greatest trends involves staying up to date on jewelry trends, and when it comes to jewelry trends for Summer 2017. we’ve got you covered.

Sautoirs are in

The stout choker has dominated the jewelry market for a few seasons now, but it’s quickly making its exit this year and making way for Sautoirs .¨ long statement piece necklaces. Prada, Givenchy and Chanel are all top brands to look out for with a great Sautoir variety.

Statement Piece Earrings

Subtle is out this summer; it’s time to make a statement. Earrings that scream modern art, are bold in color and design, and bulky by nature are everything. If it’s an earring and it’s eccentric, it’s in. Look to Proenza Schouler, Giorgio Armani, and Stella McCartney for the best of the best in statement piece earrings.


Uncut minerals are beautiful, and some say they have healing and energizing properties having been derived directly from the earth. Givenchy, Christopher Kane, and Stella McCartney are names that rep the minerals proudly, mostly with necklaces and earrings.

The Arm Cuff

Bracelets bulk up and elongate to form an arm cuff, which will be all the rage in Summer 2017. Arm cuffs are a trend that started in high fashion (think: Louis Vuitton, Loewe, and Courreges), but you’ll notice it everywhere this summer.

Thin Chokers

Though thicker chokers are making an exit this summer (as mentioned previously), thin chokers are sticking around. These delicate pieces are the perfect accent for any dressed up or casual event, as seen on Celine and Dior’s models on the Summer 2017 runway.

Ear Cuffs

Bold, new designs for Summer 2017 include the likes of ear cuffs, which distorts the well-known line between jewelry and accessory. This costume jewelry like piece is incredibly unique, and is presented well by Margiela and Rodarte.

Fabric-like Jewelry

Texture, shine, and color all play a part in the popularity of the fabric-like jewelry, which is another example of statement pieces that serve as much more than just jewelry. These pieces might even be considered conversation pieces, and always reflect intentionality when paired well with an outfit that compares or contrasts in fabric.

The Mono-earring

The mono-earring is an exaggeration of the one-earring trend that you saw in the 90s. Rather than a subtle hoop, you’re looking at a large statement piece in one ear, which makes it seem much more like an accessory than it does a piece of jewelry. Wanda Nylon and Saint Laurent are two names the sported the mono-earring in their Summer 2017 line.


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