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Jewellery and Professional Appearances

Now that we are just getting back into the office after months of working from home, many men will find themselves excited to get all suited and booted once again. Despite this, your standard suit can grow tired, leaving you wanting more from your business ensemble. It can be difficult to incorporate stylishness into professional appearances, meaning that you often settle for your average suit which can be dull. 

Jewellery trends are constantly evolving in the male fashion sphere with a highly decorated man being one of power in the Tudor times. However, these days, men are not as extravagant and tend to opt for minimal designs, particularly for business purposes. So how can you simultaneously appear professional and stylish to suit today’s trends?


Watches are not just accessories; they are investments. Wristwatches for men are classic pieces of jewellery that are primarily worn by men. This makes them a safe, yet fashionable accessory to be worn both in and out of the office. Watches are items that last a lifetime so you need to ensure that you select a timeless design that will still be fashionable in 25 years’ time.  

You may want to carry out thorough research before purchasing a watch so that you can make an informed decision. You will need to deliberate between a bracelet or leather strap and a battery or automatic power. Additionally, wrist size, lifestyle, and budget are also affecting factors of which watch you opt for. 


Typically, one will reserve silver cufflinks for formal occasions rather than work but this does not have to be the case. They are a subtle feature that can uplift the appearance of any old shirt, incorporating a bit of pizzazz. Similarly, you can get hold of novelty cufflinks for different occasions such as jack-o-lantern cufflinks for Halloween and Christmas puddings for the festive season. Therefore, cufflinks are a great way to incorporate some fun into an otherwise basic ensemble. 

Tie Clips

Tie clips are ideal for office environments as they are often thought to be a component of corporate attire. Much like cufflinks, though, they also come in novelty forms for different occasions and seasons. Whether you want to appear as the put-together professional or the fun colleague, tie clips are a great way to pull you out of otherwise monochrome madness. 


Most men are all for a watch, but many of them shy away from introducing a bracelet into their wardrobe. This is because they usually associate bracelets with sparkly beading, but this is often not the case when it comes to bracelets for men. Instead, men’s collections include elegant silver cuffs and trendy leather straps which are effortlessly cool additions to any outfit. 


A lot of men find it difficult to navigate a necklace as they do not want a femininely delicate neckpiece but do not want a bulky piece that overpowers the whole outfit. An effective balance between the two is a slim silver chain that subtly sits beneath a shirt’s collar. This is a minimalist way of jazzing up the bog-standard suit. 


Men typically reserve rings for marriage but they can act as a sleek accessory for the single men, too. With variations such as signet rings and plain bands, there is all manner of subtly fashionable rings to add a splash of metallic colour to your attire. 

ConclusionWhen it comes to professional fashion, men’s jewellery is not to be shied away from. There is a multitude of options to suit men whether they be 18 or 80. Jewellery is a truly versatile so

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