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We Love Healthy and Wholesome Jessica Hoffman of Choosing Chia!

Jessica Hoffman knows all about clean eating and she wants YOU to feel amazing inside and out!

Jessica Hoffman has been cooking all of her life. And during this time, she’s come to a greater understanding of what we should be eating to feel amazing both inside and out. In fact, she considers eating a personal journey. That’s right-she says that every person is different and the key to eating right is finding the correct balance that works for you as an individual.

So, she’s created this nifty blog, Choosing Chia, where she shares healthy recipes that are plant-based, wholesome, and natural. And she knows all about clean eating. But Jessica says that clean eating is not about eating a plate of lettuce and almonds. Rather, she said we should be listening to our individual bodies, be kind to ourselves and find our unique, proper balance.

If you’re interested in vegan and gluten-free you can find these types of recipes at Choosing Chia too! And Jessica also stresses the importance of indulging every now and then. She even said, “What’s life without chocolate?” So true, Jess!

We love Jessica because her philosophy is so simple and easy to get. She said, “Eat more plants, eat locally when you can, and focus on fresh & seasonal
ingredients. By following these guidelines you’ll easily nourish your body with what you need to feel at your best. Be inspired by what is around you, take trips to your local farmers market, and buy different colored foods. Healthy eating should not feel like a chore.”

She is such an inspiration to us with her easy to understand philosophy on clean eating and life. After all, eating should not only be merely to sustain us, but it should be fun and interesting too!

Q&A with Jessica Hoffman

What feature do you get most complimented on? My hair

How did you start believing in your own work and talent I’ve always loved cooking? I started posting
my recipes on Instagram not thinking much of it. Eventually my account started to grow and I thought, “hey,
there could be something more here,” and I started believing in what I was doing.

What is your worst habit? Not finishing doing the dishes

What do you feel sexiest in? My yoga clothes

Which superpower would you like to have? To teleport anywhere in the world

Which living person do you most admire? I’ve always admired Jamie Oliver for his passion and work to bring healthier food to people

What is one thing you do when you’re feeling stuck creatively? Get outside! Spend a bit of time without electronics. It’s important to spend some time in nature to recenter the mind.

What is the most meaningful project you have done? What would your dream project be? I think my blog would be my most meaningful project. I put my heart and soul into it. Eventually, I would love to run some wellness retreats around the world.

Which words of phrases do you text the most? “omg” and a ton of emojis

What was your last Google search? “Recipes with matcha”

What song do you listen to that psyches you up and makes you feel strong? Right now I’m loving Chainsmokers and Coldplay – Like this!

What’s one dream you’ve achieved that you’re most proud of and why? Quitting my 9-5 job. I’ve always known that lifestyle wasn’t for me. But finally taking the plunge was a huge deal and I’ve never looked back!

What is the quality you find most attractive in a man? Someone who makes me laugh!

Who is your current celebrity crush? Chris Hemsworth

Where would you most like to live? Bali

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your teenage self? Don’t care so much what other people think of you, stay true to yourself and follow your dreams!

You can see more of
Jessica Hoffman by following her here:





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