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Jesse Golden’s Go-to Drink for Glowing Skin

Getting Beautiful Glowing skin from the inside out is easier than you think.

Achieving beautiful skin is not always accomplished by washing your face and applying topical lotions.

Your skin reflects what you put INTO your body. In Macrobiotics, they do face readings, which can tell what bad food you have eaten by the placement of a blemish or a rash on your skin. Many of you have seen for yourself the effects of too much sugar which can turn into a blemish. Also drinking too much alcohol can turn your nose red. Everything you put into your body has either a positive or negative effect on your skin. Regardless of what I eat or drink for the week, my skin always tends to look great when I drink my Blue-Green Algae every day. My favorite brand is E3 Live. I have been drinking it for the past 7 years. Originally I drank it for its health benefits. It supports my immune system and increases my energy, but my glowing skin is my secret result of this magical Super food. Try it for a couple weeks and see if you get the Golden Glow.

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