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Japan is Ready for Vegan Forest Festival 2018

Japan is ready to host a brand new festival dedicated to honor and celebrate the vegan lifestyle!

Vegan Forest 2018 is an event created to embrace everything that’s known to be “kind to life”. It’s to be held in Yamanashi, a prefecture near Japan’s main city, Tokyo.
The festival will take place at the Kobuchizawa Resort, a location famous for being a great spot for outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing.

According to LiveKindly, it will include not only delicious food and tasty drinks but also workshops and entertainment. Vegan Forest 2018 is not specifically aimed at vegans in order for non-vegans to feel more welcome and offer them a space space to learn about the lifestyle. “Regardless of age and preference, we aim to create a place where you can have fun,” said the organizers on a press release.

Vegan Sushi, veggie burgers, rice bowls, soup, bagels, dumplings, vegan meat, pizza, and Indian curry are among the dishes that attendants will enjoy, as well as freshly-baked bread. People can also enjoy a little shopping spree and purchased scented candles, handcrafted wood products, essential oils, organic produce and garden fertilizers, and hemp cotton clothes. Furthermore, the festival is an educational opportunity as different booths and workshops will be set up for anyone that wishes to know more about animal rights, vegan practices, and cruelty-free cosmetics.

The festival is part of a trend of recent developments towards a more sustainable and vegan way of living in the region. First, the Japanese government made the official announcement that it would stop conducting the year-long pesticide poisoning tests on dogs; another was the closing of a 63-year-old Japanese aquarium, after reports of poor animal safety. The government is also investing in Integriculture, a startup company dedicated to produce a cruelty-free and slaughter-free meat product.

It’s quite special to hold this event in Japan, since the country is known for its intense meat consumption. However, the vegan movement is constantly growing, even in countries where, as a report from Vice noted “[the population is] raised on broth made from pork bones.”

The Vegan Forest Festival is a special occasion and it will take place at the Kobuchizawa Resort on July 29th from 10 am to 4 pm.

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