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James Harris and David Parnes of “Million Dollar Listing” Talk Business, Style, and Their Beginnings

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Finding the perfect home is a combination of style and function. Where in the house is function most important and where should your personal style shine the most?

James: The most functional place for a house these days is the kitchen. Everyone really congregates in the kitchen, so it’s best to have a nice open floor plan. The master bedroom is all personal for me, d‚àö¬©cor, photos, personal memories, etc.

David: Function is important in the kitchen, but it can also be personal because families tend to gather there. Personal touches can be in the main living area, but that needs to be functional as well in order to accommodate gathering. I think a balance of function and style is key in all areas of the home.


How would you describe your fashion sense? How important is it to you to look a certain way for your day job?

James: EXTREMELY important. This is something I’m really big on. Fashion is very important and tells so much about the person. I am a hugely strong believer in dressing for success. When you look good you feel good and that resonates with everything that you do.

David: I’m quite plain. I like everything classic and traditional. I like blues, grays and whites. I think it’s very important to look presentable, clean, and smart. The way you carry yourself is very important to the client.


Since joining “Million Dollar Listing”, how has your business changed? Do you find people take you more or less seriously?

Our business has changed in the sense that we’ve been able to give people the chance to see how hard working, creative, and ethical we are. It’s elevated our brand because people can see our dedication, and now they seek us out because of it.

David: Everything is amplified. We had a great business before, and we were very blessed with that. Everything has accelerated since we began the show and our profile has been raised.


What do you love most about being a real estate broker in Los Angeles? The people? The property? The lifestyle?

James: All three! The people are incredible and we get to deal with all different walks of life .¨ celebrities, to self-made business people. The location is incredible .¨ you can be in the city one minute and showing a beach front property the next. The properties are some of the coolest in the world. You get all the bells and whistles for under 3k a square foot which is dirt cheap compared to some parts of the world!

David: All of the above. I do love the properties though.but I don’t want to go against the people or the lifestyle because I like them too!


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