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Italian Beauty Sophia Loren On Her Memoir, Skipping The Oscars & Her Sex Appeal

Italian actress Sophia Loren sits down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” to talk about her memoir and recalls stories of a very prompt Clark Gable, how the Jayne Mansfield photo should be interpreted and why she thinks Daniel Day-Lewis is the greatest actor around.
Sophia Loren told Larry what prompted the writing of her memoir, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life, and why she burned all of her journals and ‘agendas’ after the fact, “I didn’t want anything to go in the hands of people one day when I’m not here anymore, they were mine and I wanted to keep them mine.”
The international film star explained to Larry why she didn’t attend the Academy Awards when she was nominated for the film Two Women, “I said to myself, .’If I go, I’m going to faint of the pleasure. The pleasure is so big, I’m going to faint, so I’d better faint at home so nobody sees me.'”
Sophia Loren talked about the idea of having sex appeal and how she was not a pretty child, “When I was little I was not okay, I was very thin.” She explained to Larry that sex appeal was not something that she thought about, “In my little hometown, you spoke about sex appeal and they don’t even know what you were talking about, including me.”
The episode is now LIVE on and (episodes premiere daily 5pm EST)

“I was a child when we had the war in Italy and all the violence and the miseries and the hunger – everything went through our house. Like, our house, for us, it was the world, the whole world.”
On the movies transporting her from her poor upbringings – “We used to go to the movies with my aunt and look at the movies and we saw another kind of life. I saw another kind of life. So I said to myself, .≤The life I’m living, it’s not the only one.”
On how she started acting – “When I was 15, my mother said, .≤Tomorrow, you leave school and we go to Rome because I want you to be in the movies.’ But later on, I knew why she said that, because she wanted to go to Rome to see my father. So by chance, I went to Rome to be able to do something, to work.”
On Jayne Mansfield in their infamous photo together
– “It was a false move. She should not have done it.”
On refusing to get a nose job at the suggestion of others, including her husband Carlo Ponti –
“So I said, .≤If I’m not photogenic because they think that my face cannot be photographed because my nose is like the nose of a Pinocchio, I think I had better go back into my hometown and lead a very small, very nice life.”
On her relationship with Carlo Ponti – “I needed a friend. I needed somebody, and so we started to see each other little by little, you know, and but always really in a friendly way.”
On Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – “Great actor, great face, and wonderful – I mean, he and Elizabeth together, they were great together. They were really made for each other.”
On Daniel Day-Lewis – “He’s the best actor in town.”
On working with Charlie Chaplin – “Beautiful, beautiful man. Very, very great artist and I remember that the first day of shooting, he would not look through the camera. He was a little bit vulnerable.”
Her advice to young actresses today – “To know what they want and, if they can, how to get things done properly.”
On being directed by her son on ‘The Human Voice – “In the beginning it was a little bit difficult for me because I felt naked, you know? It’s very strange, but during the rehearsals, we had another kind of attitude towards each other, and a very respectful one and a very loving one and I had a wonderful experience when we started shooting. We really got to know each other very, very well.”

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