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Is Rare El’ements Luxury Hair Care Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret?

What does it take to create the perfect hair care product?
Only a world renowned Beverly Hills salon owner and a high fashion model could collaborate to create a hair care line that would address the needs of his discerning clientele.
John Amato has been a leader in the beauty industry for almost 20 years.
His partner, Teri LaVerne, experienced damage to her hair from over styling when she was a professional model.
Together, they created an intelligent hair care system that could actually correct and protect damaged hair, not just camouflage it.

Their hair care products are eco-friendly proving you don’t have to sacrifice superior performance when choosing a green product. In fact, Rare El’ements Luxury Hair Care actually reverses the signs of aging hair!

In regards to daily hair care, John and Teri said, “We’ve taken an everyday routine and turned it into a luxurious pampering experience by developing a simple, yet effective, collection that is ideal for restoring and maintaining the hair’s integrity.”

How do they do this?
John and Teri worked for years with top chemists to determine which ingredients would work to treat “untreatable” hair and scalp problems. As a result, Rare El’ements contains exotic ingredients from around the world to give you hair that is silky, shiny and luxurious!

The Rare El’ements Luxury Collection includes a Pure Shampoo Hydrating Hair Bathe that gently removes hair buildup while maintaining your color.
The Essential Lite Conditioner Daily Masque is lightweight, yet nutrient rich and adds shine and volume to your hair.
The Essential Conditioner Daily Masque repairs and rebuilds weakened hair and also helps prevent breakage.
El’ Treatment Hair and Scalp Serum helps
reverse the signs of aging hair and also stimulates hair growth.
And the Marula Cocktail Leave-in Treatment offers all day conditioning and leaves your hair silky, shiny and smooth!

Used on television and film productions, Rare El’ements is endorsed by top celebrity stylists and has been referred to as the “best-kept secret”.
Why? Rare El’ements is color safe, contains no silicones, sulfates, parabens or synthetic fragrances!
And it is 100% cruelty free! This is just pure luxury that restores and repairs dry and damaged hair with the wealth of nature!

To experience the luxury of Rare El’ements, visit their official website!

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