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Is Las Vegas Changing its Reputation?

Las Vegas was once known solely as the gambling hub of the United States. Tourists would flock to Sin City to visit the best casinos around and take their chance at the roulette tables, try their hands at blackjack or don a visor and sunglasses for a seat at the poker tables.

Not anymore though, as Las Vegas has become a sporting behemoth with numerous teams sprouting up in the Nevada desert. The Las Vegas Raiders and the Las Vegas Golden Knights represent the city in the NFL and NHL respectively, and there is plenty of optimism that the city can branch out even further to attract an MLB and NBA team in the future.

Super Bowl 58

The sky is the limit for Las Vegas, and the NFL has rewarded its venture in the sport with Super Bowl 58. The dream scenario for the Raiders would be to make their first appearance in the title game for 21 years in their home, Allegiant Stadium. However, their bitter rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs, will start the 2023 NFL campaign as the leading contenders in the sports betting tips to win the event.

Owner Mark Davis still has a lot to be proud of after building Allegiant Stadium, which is arguably the best sporting venue in the United States. Allegiant Stadium did not come cheap at a price of $1.9 billion, but it offers the perfect viewing experience for all comers whether you’re interested in sport, music or entertainment.

The Raiders command the main use of the stadium, but there is also college football and soccer that occurs throughout the year. Super Bowl 58 is the main ticket and will attract huge numbers of tourists during Super Bowl week. Las Vegas is well prepared for the challenge with plenty of hotels and restaurants to cater to the thousands of people that will converge in Sin City. If Las Vegas nails its first Super Bowl, it has all the elements of what the NFL is looking for in a regular venue for its title game.


Outside of the success of the NFL, there is also the Golden Knights, who have proven that Vegas can be a city of sport. The NHL team reached the Stanley Cup Finals in their inaugural campaign in 2017/18, only to lose out at the hands of the Washington Capitals. The Vegas Knights have been a consistent presence in the playoffs, becoming one of the most consistent franchises in the NHL.

Due to the success of the Raiders’ move and the Vegas Knights’ introduction to the NHL, LeBron James has spoken of his desire to bring an NBA team to Vegas in the future. Although LeBron is still playing at a high level, the 38-year-old will still have one eye on his career after basketball.

An ownership stake in a 31st NBA team would make a lot of sense for LeBron and further enhance the reputation of Vegas as a sporting city. Given that Allegiant Stadium has a roof, it could be even used as the venue for a new NBA team. Then there could be an opportunity for an MLB team as well, given the sublime weather experienced in Nevada throughout the year.

Hosting teams for all four US major sports would signal that Las Vegas is more than just a city of gambling and bright lights.

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