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Is Kylie Jenner’s ‘Sorta Sweet’ Palette a Copy of Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Soft Glam Palette?

Kylie Cosmetics has another major issue on their hands.

Recently, Kylie Cosmetics launched five eyeshadow palettes. First, the Kourt x Kylie collaboration was released, which had three different palettes. Then came the Bronze Extended which was essentially the original Bronze palette, but in a brand new presentation with a few new colors thrown in. Finally, it was Kris Jenner’s turn with her very own shades when she took over Kylie Cosmetics.

And now, Kylie just announced the release of the Sorta Sweet eyeshadow palette that has “beautiful mattes and earth tone” and comes with an accompanying liquid lipstick trio. Both the palette and lip are scheduled to launch on the 28th of June.

But now, according to Teen Vogue, people on social media have noted that this new palette seems way to awkwardly similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Soft Glam eyeshadow palette.

One user tweeted, “Kylie Jenner’s sorta sweet palette looks like a lesser version of abh soft glam and it makes me sad that she has this platform to be creative and gives us things we’ve seen a million times.” Another also added, “So kylie, kkw, huda beauty, ABH are literally coming up with same shades in their eyeshadow palettes (maroon, brown, gold, etc.) and women around the world are spending $$$ to buy the same thing with a different logo.”

It’s clear that both palettes contain neutrals shades such as rose gold, bronze, and chocolate browns, but the pairing together blush-toned neutrals is not something unique. Nonetheless, the rose gold is among the trendiest colors.

There’s still no information about the retail price for Kylie’s latest palette, but most of her others retail for $42, which is the same price as the ones by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

So far, Anastasia Beverly Hills hasn’t responded to any of the claims done by people online, but according to the accusations it’s still somewhat unclear. Is it just following a common trend or is it a rip-off? It seems like is in the consumer to decide.



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